RON + Loan Signing Agents

A deep dive into how to level up notary business to fulltime $150/hr and well beyond.
Blue Mastermind
Problems Solutions
  1. Unsuccessful or ignorant of how to market a notary business
  2. Unable to scale notary business to fulltime
  3. Uncomfortable with personal future economic landscape
  4. Poor ideas how to get your own leads
  5. Poor ideas how to get long term clients
  1. Provide meaningful, strategic guidance.
  2. Provide actionable tools and methods that can be employed every day to win
  3. Provide a community of like-minded, driven entrepreneurs to support you when you feel down and celebrate you when you win
  4. Show you how to generate your own rich leads
  5. Show our own methods for getting rich long term clients

Blue Mastermind

Transformative RON + Loan Signing Agent Training, Certification & Mentorship

Blue Mastermind

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We can only take on a small number of students per week.

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64+ Short-form video lessons w/ Katie
(learn from the Notary Boss Queen herself)

Intimate Emotional Support Community (we ALL surely need this one) & Favoritism

ALL the Marketing Tools You NEED But Won't Find Anywhere Else (because we built them ourselves)

Everything Needed To Get You Successfully Making $150/hr and beyond! (yes, seriously)


Let's break down the value of the Transformative 6-Week Accelerated RON + Loan Signing Agent Mastermind Training & Mentorship based on its components, the bonuses provided, and the average market pricing of comparable paid training courses.

    main components of the offer:

  1. Killer Course Content:
    57 videos. 117 lessons. 1 Certification. 1 Background Check. Full spectrum notary skillset. Full marketing toolbelt. Complete inbound leads training. Winners support club.
    Intensive 6-week training program. Katie, Andy, and Ty spent over 1000+ hours developing this training with focus on elevating hard skills you need for marketing and getting leads, maintaining a WINNING mindset 100%, and utilizing the tools built by BlueNotary team to educate, accelerate, and ELEVATE your notary business to the NEXT LEVEL.
    Value: $2000
  2. Step-by-step skills training video walk-throughs for nearly every document/form there is! You'll be confidently prepared for every signing situation.
    Value: $100+
  3. Weekly Coaching Calls with Master Katie Tremulis: Four Q&A coaching sessions per month in addition to weekdays on the inner circle group interactions. Do not underestimate the power of emulating a master.
    Value: $2400+
  4. Exclusive Inner Circle Mentorship: Members-only group for students, alumni and other winners. Accountability partners, positive encouragement and coaching, sharing wins and struggles, private work opportunities and leads.
    Value: $300+
  5. Scripts/Templates/Learning Library: Ready-made professional scripts, templates, and checklists developed and used by Katie herself. Everything needed to hit the ground running!
    Value: $100+
  6. Continuous Learning / Updates: You'll have lifetime access to everything new that we add to this course. Every month we're adding new content for students to keep up to date with laws, marketing, and growing business effectively.
  7. Loan Signing Agent Certification: Everything you need to know to confidently witness loan signings.

    bonus gifts added value:

  1. BlueBricks™ - Build Your Marketing Website/Funnel Automatically in 15mins (2 months free): Tools to auto-generate your website, blog and lead funnel landing page.
    Value: $400
  2. BlueRocket™ - Our AI Growth Marketing Tool (2 months of credits): Value: $720
  3. Enriched Leads Generator: Access to leads database with over 100,000 title companies, signing services, construction companies, credit repair agencies, law firms, and more.
    Value: $15,000++
  4. BlueNotary's Pro Hybrid Plan: One year of BlueNotary Pro plan that comes with all the advanced features.
    Value: $324
  5. LIFETIME Digital Certificate and Electronic Seal:
    Value: $402+
  6. Interview Series with Successful Notary Signing Agents: Exclusive insights and lessons.
    Value: $350

Money-back Guarantee: By the course's end, if you don’t receive immense value from our deliverables, we'll refund the 100% of the fee. The guarantee does not apply to discounted offers. Read terms here.

  • Your success is our mission.
  • Regular check-ins, group sessions, and one-on-one feedback ensure we deliver for you.
  • Expect quick implementation, swift learning, and tangible, real results.

Total Value of the Blue Mastermind Program:

The entire package, when considering its individual components and added benefits, is valued at $7,146... (not including the $15k+ leads list)

The final price of $997 is an 86% discount of the total value!

Terms and Conditions

I was commissioned a year ago and didn't move forward with it because I didn't feel confident. With the training, I felt... READY TO GO!
Monique Mitchell
Masterclass Student

Everything you need to scale a notary business to boss level.

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All-in-one notary marketing & lead generation machine.


How do you plan to manage & market your business on your own at this stage in your journey WITHOUT joining a mastermind or mentorship program? Do you have a plan...or are you struggling to get traction?

Skip the mistakes, let us give you proven methods that have Katie charging clients daily $150/hr+ and beyond!