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BlueNotary vs. DocVerify RON Platform Analysis

Waning are the days of googling “Notary Near Me” and waxing are the days of googling Notarize my documents online NOW!

So how can you move with the tide and keep your business afloat? 🤔

In this article, we will be breaking down the differences between the BlueNotary RON platform and the RON platform offered by DocVerify.

Ok, let’s dive into the main event. DocVerify who was founded clear back in the year 2006. BlueNotary is The New Kids on The Block of the RON community.

An actual RON Platform Album Cover Released in 2022

But just as The New Kids on The Block splashed onto Club MTV, BlueNotary has managed to get in with the the big boys of the RON scene despite starting in just 2022. Here’s the breakdown.

For General Signers

If there is a way to hop on DocVerify and get your legal documents notarized in 10 minutes, it is certainly find out how. DocVerify seems to specialize in more business-to-business interactions, and does not seem to offer solutions for the average person walking in from the (internet) street.

By comparison, to get a legal document notarized in BlueNotary, you can enter you email on the homepage and click “Start a Notarization.” From there you are sent dead-simple directions that guide you through the complete notarization process, all for just $25 – the industry standard rate.

Point goes to: BlueNotary

One-Time Notarization

DocVerify does not seem to offer this feature unless you are invited by a notary signed up for their platform.

BlueNotary charges $25 per notarization session and $8 for every additional stamp and they specialize in saving you time. It’s dead simple.

Point goes to: BlueNotary

For Notaries

The User Experience

BlueNotary looks like what you expect for a product developed in the year 2022. It is sleek, smooth, easy for the users to use and constantly improving. It is their goal to minimize the amount of clicks that are needed, to make things BIG and CLEAR and to make things very easy to find. They also offer a 24/7 chat support with real people that are ready to assist you ASAP.

By contrast, DocVerify looks like it was developed in a similar year to the year they were founded…16 years ago. DocVerify has zero chat support. Notaries are required to enter their information every single time they do a notarization. They do not store simple information like signer signature, signer initials, and you are required to enter your password at the end of every notarization.

On the other hand, BlueNotary takes care of all of this by adding simple drag and drop tools and behaving like software designed with the current trends as expected for 2022. In a lot of ways, it seems like DocVerify has given up in the UI/UX regard (UI/UX = User Interface/User Experience).

Point goes to: BlueNotary, no contest here…

Free Plans

BlueNotary has a free plan that pays Notaries $25 per General Notary Work (GNW) document that they perform with their clients. GNW work documents include affiants, PoA’s, title transfers, acknowledgments, and much more. It’s the best deal in the industry. It’s truly FREE at no cost to the notary.

DocVerify does not have a free plan for notaries.

Point goes to: BlueNotary

Professional/Pro-Hybrid Plans

OK, finally we get to something that DocVerify offers. They don’t offer a Pro-Hybrid plan meaning they won’t be offering you any clients, but they do offer plans for notaries.

However, their plans are incredibly confusing and once you sift through it, it’s not a very good deal. The reason they are confusing is because they have chosen to adopt a “credits” system, while most the other RON platforms on the market operate on the “dollars” system.

First off, for a notary to get set up on DocVerify, it costs $125 for the notary. The digital deal will set you back $100 (compared to free on BlueNotary if you use within the platform). From there you can choose a monthly plan for $75 per month or $780 per year (which equates to $65 per month).

BlueNotary has a zero cost set-up fee and is only $27 per month.

The “Credit System” Breakdown

Now let’s get into DocVerify’s unnecessarily confusing credit system. Notaries are provided with 32 credits per month (or 384 credits all at once if you get their yearly plan). Now one GNW notarization, it costs 4 credits, so it seems like you could notarize 8 documents under their plan, but the required video recording of the session costs 8 additional credits!

The video recording is a legal requirement! So you can really only due 3 sessions done before you have to buy more credits from DocVerify.

Good Luck if you are an Indiana Notary…

In addition, you also pay $2.25 per KBA/ID verification (as they randomly switch from their lovely “credits” system…) Now surely credits must be cheap? Nope – they start at 2 credits for $10 and end at 250 credits for $700.

DocVerify might have the worst pricing system of ALL Remote Online Notarization Platforms. Oh! and to top it off, the credits don’t roll over unless you are on their yearly plan.

BlueNotary is $2 for GNW work to invoice clients outside of BN and $25 per Loan Signing. Everything unlimited. Simple as pie.

Point goes to: BlueNotary (hell, give them 2 points)

For Businesses

We’ll keep this section short. If you are a business, you don’t want to waste time calculating points. DocVerify requires you to use your own notaries and and is unable to provide you any if none of yours are available. They are also unable to provide witnesses.

Probably the only nice thing that we can tip our hats to in this entire article is that DocVerify offers the capacity to allow 10 notaries to be on one businesses plan. But it’s the same price of $75/month for what amounts to only 3 notarizations with the video recordings. To add on an extra 3 notarizations with video it will cost you an addition 36 credits (also known as $180 dollars or so, maybe with a very very small discount). That gets you to 6 notarizations total.

BlueNotary allows a maximum of 3 for the their Business Premium plan ($147 monthly) which also comes with 7 free notarizations. Every notarization after the 7 freebies starts at only $13. BlueNotary allows a maximum of 3 seats under this plan and offers witness as a service as well as API access. BlueNotary also has a Business Pro plan that’s only $7 to join as well.

Point goes to: BlueNotary (it’s like 5-0 now)

Everything Else

BlueNotary touts the new age of Biometric Verification to make the process easier and faster for yourself and your clients if you are in one of the early states where biometrics is already legally accepted. Biometric verification is like the iPod of MP3 players. It’s quicker and smoother (and more reliable).

Both platforms offer Remote Online Notarization API and both platforms are legal within most states.

Overall, it’s a route. There’s not much of a competition to see here. You can get started on integrating your business with Remote Online Notarization on the platform that is actually up for the task and spend the saved time and money on things that really matter – like growing your business.

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