One thing we can all agree on is the tediousness of paperwork. That is never more true than in a law office, it’s literally why they pay you the big bucks! You help us get through what may be some of the most difficult times in our lives by completing forms and ensuring these documents are both accurate and secure. 

Typically with things like estate planning, buying a home, or getting divorced, it’s going to require notarization. But this is where you get to hear the good news: this can be done online! Remote Online Notarization (RON) moves all of these processes along faster than traditional notarization. Documents are encrypted with individualized security settings and can securely be notarized via a certified eNotary. The documentation needed to participate in a secure video call to complete the notarization is the same, but you don’t have to travel to yet another appointment. And neither do your clients.

They could be doing this online and using their time to build their business!

Moving Online and into Modernity

Moving from in-person to digital notarization is effortless for any firm! There’s no need to buy or download any new software, find new staff, or undergo any special training. Your current Notary can become an eNotary by simply creating an account on our site and start completing digital notary transactions immediately. Moving to an online platform removes the pain of coordinating schedules; Parties can appear for the RON session from anywhere, allowing this step to happen sooner so cases can move forward towards resolution sooner! 

RON platforms also allow your office to be one step ahead and be ready for upcoming changes with remote notarization. Digital notarization isn’t new; States like Washington are already seeing and passing legislation authorizing RON for out-of-state parties! This is huge for filing stipulations, memorandums of understanding, and countless other forms requiring both party’s signatures. 

The future is now and using technology to facilitate connection with others is just a part of everyday life. While we didn’t predict a future where no one wanted to leave their house, here we are. And we’re not going back. Almost every major life event involves a multi-step process with a lot of paperwork, RON platforms just alleviate the hassle involved. 

Save your firm time, money, and hassle by onboarding into the future.