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RON Comparison: BlueNotary vs. NotaryLive

BlueNotary vs. NotaryLive Notarization is moving online!  In a time of horse and carriage, where one would have to ask their neighbor how to find a “notary near me”, the local notary public would thrive! As long as they were consistent and diligent within their community.  But then came the cars, and the suburbs, and […]

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BlueNotary vs. DocVerify RON Platform Analysis

Waning are the days of googling “Notary Near Me” and waxing are the days of googling Notarize my documents online NOW! So how can you move with the tide and keep your business afloat? 🤔 In this article, we will be breaking down the differences between the BlueNotary RON platform and the RON platform offered […]