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The Most Profitable RON Referral Growth Hack

The rubicon has been crossed.  BlueNotary is making its biggest offer for RON’s and LSA’s yet.  As those reading this may know, some of the highest quality Loan Signing Training Programs in the industry pitch the ability to make over $200 / hr.  How would you like to make much more than that in less time?

BlueNotary is pleased to announce a new Partnership Program for a limited time only.  We are offering a 30%  monthly referral fee (for up to 1 year) to ANYONE who brings a new Title Company into the Blue Family through our Title Pro and Title Pro Hybrid memberships ($197 & $397/month respectively). 

Title plan offerings from RON Service Provider BlueNotary.
What does this mean?

This means that any notary or signing agent who guides a Title company to use the BN platform receives up to $119.19 per month from a single referral ($397 * 0.3 is the math on that)

With one Title Pro Hybrid referral conversion to BlueNotary, this equates to $1430 total over the course of a year. 10 referrals = $14,303! Talk about an impressive passive income stream!

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Won’t I be losing potential clients doing this?

For Title Pro plan, a title company generally uses BN network of notaries via open call. BUT for this referral offer, Title Pro would not do open call, but rather go directly to the referrer notary. So it means you would catch their calls with first priority. (If you can’t take the call we would do regular open call).

In Title Premium plan, they title company would already have notaries anyway. So you wouldn’t really be losing out by referring them to BN.

For Business plans, same deal.

Passive Income

This is what BlueNotary is throwing down on the table as our partnership with you (the reader😉).

With this partnership program, you can passively make income while still pursuing more business opportunities. 

We do want you to consider this a partnership.  We pledge to deliver on our end by providing top of the line RON technology and security for you to show around town. 

If you’re unfamiliar with our platform we invite you to join and try the free version for notaries.

You may not be used to pitching such a large package to your usual client but it may be easier than you think.  Allow us to outline a few reasons to help get you started.

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Some Quick Selling Points:
  1. Title companies that implement RON software are able to close deals on their properties from ANYWHERE! This means that the parties concerned no longer have to meet at an office to get the deal done. This is a huge value add to any professional title company – giving them competitive edge. Saving time and money, offering customers convenience and quality.
  2. You are getting a guaranteed industry grade product. BlueNotary has been MISMO approved.  That means they meet high industry standards set forth by the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization in order to protect customers and title companies alike.
  3. Security/Safety – BlueNotary is one of the only platforms to use its own software (not Zoom, etc).  That means fewer worries when it comes to the safety and security of your clients documents.
  4. Did we mention it’s fast and convenient?  You can get Loan Signings done faster digitally.  In fact, notaries have increased the amount of notarizations they are performing per day since RON software has become a necessity in the mortgage industry.  The mortgage industry is indeed becoming the E-mortgage industry. Digital mortgages are expected to balloon to $150 BILLION by 2025.
  5. The competitive price point.  BlueNotary keeps a fair price point in line with the industry – excelling beyond other more-established alternatives.  You should have no difficulty finding a deal that fits your title company’s needs.
  6. They can save money! Title agencies are able to save on all the extra review work since our programmed record keeping has already done the work for them.  We’ll also keep the title companies records for a full decade, making all transaction records easy to manage.
    Post-closing reviews become much easier to track.

These are just some of the features that come with our Title Packages.  Of course these include customized/branded company emails, the ability to manage their own in-house team of notaries, the ability to use BlueNotary’s network of certified notaries, a dedicated support manager, and more.

Some fun math:

  • 1 Title Pro Hybrid for 1 year = $1,430.28
  • 3 of them = $4,290.84
  • 5 = $7,151.40…

And this doesn’t include whatever extra work you might be able to gain from the title company you refer – like picking up their closings or orchestrating a deal to be their dedicated RON.

So what say you? Would you like to be a Blue Referral Partner and help bring your local title company into the 2020’s of Loan Signing and E-Closing technology? 

Here’s how you can generate YOUR BlueNotary Referral Account & Link to get started!