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Bluenotary Call Script: Crucial State-Specific Verifications


When stepping into the realm of notary and especially when using tools like BlueNotary, you want to ensure every step you take is solid. One misstep, even during a phone call, can have implications. This is where the BlueNotary call script comes in handy. But why is it essential to tailor this script according to your state’s specifics? Let’s dive in.

Why a Call Script Matters

Ever heard of the saying, “First impressions last?” This is especially true in the notary business. Your initial call with a potential client or company can set the tone for your entire working relationship. A well-crafted call script ensures you communicate effectively, professionally, and confidently.

The BlueNotary call script is designed with extensive industry knowledge. It isn’t just about what to say, but also about how to say it, helping you navigate questions, comments, or even concerns a potential client might have.

State-Specific Nuances

While general professionalism is universal, the notary public laws are not. Every state has its set of rules, regulations, and requirements.

For instance, some states allow remote online notarization (RON), while others are still warming up to the idea. The fees you can charge, the documents you’re authorized to notarize, and the annual educational requirements can differ vastly from one state to another.

When you merge the BlueNotary call script with state-specific knowledge, you come off as not just another notary, but a true expert in your field. Clients, especially those in legal or corporate fields, will appreciate and trust a notary who understands state-specific nuances.

blue apple sitting on the tip of a finger with an igloo in the background

Adapting BlueNotary Call Script to Your State

  1. Research: Before integrating state-specific details into the script, familiarize yourself with your state’s notary laws. Websites like the National Notary Association provide a comprehensive breakdown.
  2. Integrate: Blend your state’s specifics seamlessly into the script. For instance, if your state requires a journal entry for every notarial act, mention that proactively in your call.
  3. Practice: Just having a customized script isn’t enough. Practice it! The more you use it, the more natural your call will sound.

In Conclusion

Using the BlueNotary call script is like having an expert advisor guiding you on your call. When tailored to your state’s specifics, it becomes an invaluable tool that showcases your expertise and professionalism, setting you apart in a competitive market. Remember, in the world of notary, knowledge isn’t just power; it’s your ticket to building trust and credibility.

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