Notary Public in Nebraska Notary Public in Nebraska

How to Become a Notary Public in Nebraska

How to Become a Notary Public in Nebraska

Here are the steps to become a Notary Public in Nebraska:

  • Ask for a written notary public test from a Secretary of State’s office. As soon as it reaches you, select the necessary part of it and be ready to gain a passing set of grades!
  • If the test is passed on your part, you will be sent a letter of confirmation. Finally, we are at the point of filling in “The Notarial Services Final Application” and getting it notarized by another Official.
  • Purchase a $15,000 bond in the form of bonded surety. This serves as a safety net and is there to protect against errors that can occur in a notary.
  • Please submit the application, accompanied by proof of the surety bond and commission fee of $30 and a “U.S. Citizenship Attestation Form.” All things should be sent to the Secretary of State’s office in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • The Secretary of State will conduct a study of your application package. Once we have the document approved, we will forward your official Notary commission certificate via mail.
  • Once your commission has arrived, you need to go out there and order a notary stamp from a vendor. Make sure you don’t leave without a notary journal to keep your verified actions.
  • Not as necessary, getting Errors and Omission (E&O) insurance is an advised option. It ensures that you are financially secure if a lawsuit comes forth involving a mistake you make when notarizing.
  • At any time, notaries allowed continuing education. Seriously, get some information from reliable sites, for instance, the BlueNotary Academy to become one of the most well-versed notary publics!

After you have successfully gone through these steps, you’ll become a Commissioned Nebraska Notary Public! At this point, you’re prepared to provide notarization for people and make their documents valid.

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Notary in Nebraska

What are the Requirements to Become a Notary in Nebraska?

To become a Notary Public in Nebraska, you’ll need to meet a few basic requirements:

  • A minimum age of 19 years old is required.
  • Be a Nebraska resident, or if you are a resident of one of the states neighboring Nebraska and have a job in Nebraska with relevant evidence of work.
  • Being able to read, write, and comprehend English at a native-speaker level.
  • To be eligible, you may not have been convicted in the past five years of a felony or a crime classified as being dishonest or involving such schemes.

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Notary Public in Nebraska?

A $30 application fee is required and non-refundable in the state of Nebraska. Equally, the prices can be different based on the seller you decide to buy from. These kits frequently consist of the first needs, like a notary stamp and journal; however, the cost changes between different producers.

Especially for beginners, these resources can be invaluable. Some vendors offer them as part of a package, while others charge extra. The quality of the education can also vary, so be sure to choose a reputable provider.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Notary in Nebraska?

The State Department estimates that these Notary commissions are processed in approximately 10 – 14 days. Once your application is approved, the certificate will come to you via mail.

What Supplies Do Nebraska Notaries Need?

Nebraska requires all notaries to use an ink stamp seal. Here’s what it should include:

  • “State of Nebraska” – gotta represent the state!
  • “General Notary” or “General Notarial” – clarifies your role
  • Your legal name (exactly how it appears on your commission)
  • Your commission expiration date – shows documents are notarized within your valid term

When choosing a vendor for your stamp, invest in quality.  A poorly made stamp can bleed ink and ruin documents, causing headaches for everyone involved!

Notary Journal (optional, but recommended): Although this particular rule is not tabled for legal enforcement, the state of Nebraska firmly advises to diligently keep a separate notebook for all your notary public duties.

How long does a Notary commission last in Nebraska?

The Nebraska Notary Public Commission runs for 4 years. This means that after a certain time, your commission will expire. Consequently, you will need to renew your notary commission to keep notarizing documents after that period.

What About Bonds or Insurance for Nebraska Notaries?

The minimum amount requirement to acquire a Nebraska notary public bond is $15,000. It simulates a financial guarantee to the public that you will follow the procedures prescribed when notarizing documents. If you make a mistake and it ends up causing detrimental financial damage to someone, the bond will cover the damages. Don’t forget that you owe the premium you paid to the surety company every time you get the beneficiary paid from the bond.

Even though not compulsory, Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance is a different form of assurance to you. This kind of assurance ensures getting legal fees covered whenever you are sued for any misstep during the notarization process.

Nebraska Notary Public FAQs

Who Oversees Notaries in Nebraska?

The Notary Public Commissions in the State of Nebraska are given by the Secretary of State’s office, Business Services division, Notary section, located in Lincoln, NE.

Do I need Training to Become a Notary in Nebraska?

The state of Nebraska does not require you to take a course in order to apply for the Notary Public position. You can take the written exam directly if you are confident. But here’s the thing: although training is not mandatory, it is a wise idea.

Learning directly from a reputable source will ensure you are ready to deal with all your notary public duties in a professional manner. BlueNotary Academy can give you access to courses that can prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Can I become a Nebraska Notary if I am not a U.S. citizen?

Nebraska permits individuals who aren’t U.S. citizens to be public notaries as long as they satisfy all the other requirements.

Where will I be able to notarize?

As a commissioned Nebraska Notary, you may do any notarization in the entire state of Nebraska.

Who can I notarize for?

Generally, you can assist almost anyone who comes to you with a document needing notarization! There are a few exceptions to keep in mind:

  • Put off notarizing for your family, such as parents, grandparents, kids, siblings, a spouse, in-laws, and step or half relatives.
  • Never sign any paperwork with just your name or any documents in which you have financial interests.
  • You cannot notarize documents in which you are directly involved (e.g., you are named in the document).

Remember, as a Notary Public, you act as an impartial witness. 

How much can I charge for my notary services?

Notarial fees can be set between $1 to $5 per notarization based on the particular act. Travel fees are subject to addition but only at the rate stipulated by the Nebraska Department of Administrative Services.

Is Online Notary Legal in Nebraska & How Do I Become One?

Nebraska began offering RON in July 2020. Existing notaries with active commissions can register to become remote notaries.

The notary registration for the RON is also a different process from the normal registration process for the notary commission. Furthermore, remote notaries should keep a specific journal to record their virtual notarizations. The notaries can charge up to $25 for a remote online notarization transaction.

What happens if I move or change my name after becoming a Notary?

Within 45 days, notify the Secretary of State by submitting the “Notary Public Request for Changing Record” form.

Within 30 days of commission expiration: Use your old name subject to renewal and write your new name on the renewal application. Fill out the “Change of Signature or Name Application Form for a Notary Public” form and pay $30 as a fee.

How do I renew my Nebraska Notary Public Commission?

Renewing your commission is like re-filing a new application. The Secretary of State in Nebraska asks you to start the renewal procedure at least a month before the expiry of your commissions. Here’s what you can do:

  • Do the renewal inquiry – it is the same as you did when you became a notary.
  • Refresh your $15,000 surety bond that acts as that financial safety net.
  • Pay the state’s $30 renewal fee to keep things official.
  • If you live in a bordering state and work in Nebraska, you’ll also need to submit an “Evidence of Employment in Nebraska Form.”

Once your renewal is approved, you’ll receive a new commission certificate in the mail. With your new certificate in hand, you can then visit a vendor to purchase a new notary seal with your updated commission expiration date.

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