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Ana Lopez

As a dedicated Remote Online Notary (RON) based in New York, I bring years of experience to the table, facilitating seamless online notarizations for my clients. My background in real estate and tax preparation provides a solid foundation, enabling me to understand the intricacies of document authentication and loan signing processes. Skilled in platforms like GNW and LS, I'm proud to offer top-notch, reliable RON services in the Empire State. More than just transactions, my aim is to ensure every client feels understood and supported throughout our dealings. To remain at the forefront of our industry, I'm always updating my knowledge with the latest RON trends and technologies. When I'm not working, I enjoy [e.g., "exploring local coffee shops"], always looking for opportunities to grow both professionally and personally.

New York
4 years of experience
English & Spanish

E & O Insurance Expiration

Aug 29, 2024

E & O Insurance Coverage

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