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Ashley Postell

Looking for a Virtual Notary? Well, you're in luck because I'm here, there, and everywhere with this new-fangled technology called Remote Online Notarization. You can contact me to get your documents notarized in a matter of minutes. No more driving around, wasting gas, paper, and, most importantly, your time! I'm a certified commissioned notary in the state of Florida. I can take care of any notarization anywhere in the world essentially - so long as I'm seated in my commissioned state. So if you're in Texas and I'm in Florida, we can complete your notarization across state lines no problem. This is the beauty of online notary. If you need common document notarized like USPS 1583 or Minor Consent DS-3053 form, we can take care of that for you in about 10 minutes on BlueNotary.

3 years years of experience


Certified by the National Notary Association Fidelity Approved Remote Online Notary Notary Signing Agent

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Bn Certified