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With a deep commitment to the integrity of legal processes, I recently embraced the role of a Remote Online Notary, bringing forward my expertise in residential leasing and vendor relations. Our team successfully navigated the complexities of resident grievances and leasing consultations, ensuring meticulous attention to detail in background verifications and financial transactions. Leveraging audio/visual technology, I now facilitate notarial acts with precision, enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of notary services in our increasingly digital world. I look forward to connecting and working with you regarding your ongoing notary needs. Here's to convenience, excellent customer service, professionalism and care in 2024.

New York
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Received my certificate of completion from National Notary Association (NNA) and am an active member as well. This included extensive training and prequalification exams. I've taken and passed the required NYS Notary Exam and have received my certified 4yr "commission" (i.e. license) from the Secretary of State. Licensed to perform both electronic/ remote and physical notarial acts.

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June 07, 2025

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Bn Certified