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Notary Public State of Colorado / Remote Notarization & Electronic Notarization

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Looking for a 'notary near me' in Pueblo? Well, you're in luck because I'm here, there and everywhere with this new technology called Remote Online Notarization. You can contact me to legalize your documents in a matter of minutes. No more driving, wasting gas, paper, and most importantly, your time! I am a certified notary in the state of Colorado. Basically, I can handle any notarization anywhere in the world as long as I'm sitting in my commissioning state. So if you are in Texas and I am in Pueblo, we can complete your notarization across state lines without a problem. This is the beauty of the online notary. I'll tell you a little about myself, my name is Milton Torres Ferrer, I graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, one of the only 25 universities in the world with the rank of Pontifical granted by the Vatican. There I obtained my bachelor's degree in liberal studies with a Specialization in General Commerce and Minor degrees in Accounting and Finance. I moved to Pueblo Colorado in 2019, where I work at the Crowley County Penitentiary. At the same time, I became a Certified Notary Public in the State of Colorado, where I offer services to anyone who needs them, especially the Latino community. Contact me via email at pueblonotarypublic@gmail.com or schedule your appointment so I can help you with your documents.

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Bachelor's degree in liberal studies with a Specialization in General Commerce and Minor Degrees in Accounting and Finance. Notary Public Authorized in the State of Colorado authorized to perform Remote Notarization and Electronic Notarization affirmations, affidavit, Special Power of Attorney, wills, trusts, Deeds, contracts and others.
Bn Certified