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Is MISMO Required for Online Title Closings?

Short Answer: Usually Medium Answer: Although not required, many Title Houses and Lenders prefer or require Online Notarization platforms to have gone through their approval process.  This can be seen here in an interview with EmClosings founder Emily Garcia (EmClosings is a Nationwide Closing Service). (Here you can view the full EmClosings interview) Long Answer: […]

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Notarized Affidavits: Why, When and How

As an official document verified by a notary public, an affidavit carries legal weight and significance. Knowing when and how to properly notarize an affidavit is important for ensuring its validity and enforceability. You want to make sure you understand the key reasons for notarizing an affidavit, the correct process to follow, and how to […]

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Can I Be a Notary in Two States? What About Three?

Obtaining a Multistate Notary Commission To become a notary public in multiple states, you must obtain a notary commission from each state. This allows you to perform notarial acts in states other than your home state. To qualify, you must meet the following requirements: Be commissioned as a notary public in your home state. You […]

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Boosting Permit Pulling Turnaround Time with BlueNotary

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations across various industries are constantly seeking ways to streamline their processes and increase efficiency. One area that can significantly benefit from technological advancements is the permit pulling process. By incorporating virtual notarization into your office operations, you can expedite the permit pulling turnaround time while maintaining the necessary legal […]

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Can I Notarize for my Family? | BlueNotary

As a notary public, your duty is to serve the general public in an impartial manner by verifying identities and administering oaths. However, you may find yourself in situations where family members ask you to notarize documents for them. This can put you in an awkward position and lead to questions about your ability to […]

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Handshake to Hancock: How Paper Contracts are often Signed

The Handshake: How Informal Agreements Begin A business partnership often starts with a simple handshake and a verbal agreement to work together. These informal arrangements can be a great way to get things off the ground, but as your venture grows, it’s important to put key terms in writing. Handshake deals may be fine when […]

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Streamlining Real Estate Transactions: Transaction Coordinators

In the fast-paced world of business and real estate transactions, time is money. The traditional process of searching for a mobile notary, scheduling appointments, and waiting for their physical presence can often lead to frustrating delays. However, with the power of technology and the collaboration between virtual notaries and transaction coordinators, these inefficiencies are becoming […]

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How to get a Kentucky Electronic Notary Exemplar

What is the Kentucky Electronic Notary Exemplar? The signature and seal Kentucky notaries use to conduct online notarizations are together known as the “exemplar.” It’s a fancy way of saying example. 😉 Where can I get a Kentucky electronic notary exemplar? You will need to obtain your electronic Exemplar from your RON Service Provider. BlueNotary provides this […]

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Does the Post Office have a Notary?

Notary Services at the Post Office: What You Need to Know Does the Post Office have a Notary? Well, the answer is sometimes. The United States Postal Service (USPS) occasionally does offer notary services at select locations for documents and letters to be mailed domestically or internationally. To have your documents notarized at the post […]

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Need a Notary in Jacksonville, FL? Use an Online Notary

What Is an Online Notary? Can you use one in Jacksonville, Florida? An online notary in Jacksonville, Florida allows you to utilize notary services remotely via live audio-video technology instead of in-person. This innovative approach provides more convenience and flexibility. To use an online notary in Jacksonville, you will need: A computer with a webcam […]