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How to Become a Notary in Each State

Want to know how to become a Remote Online Notary (RON) in your state but don’t know where to begin? No worries, we have done the research so that you don’t have to. Here’s the BlueNotary list of guides on how to become a Remote Online Notary in each state: Alabama Arizona Colorado Florida Iowa […]

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Boosting Permit Pulling Turnaround Time with BlueNotary

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations across various industries are constantly seeking ways to streamline their processes and increase efficiency. One area that can significantly benefit from technological advancements is the permit pulling process. By incorporating virtual notarization into your office operations, you can expedite the permit pulling turnaround time while maintaining the necessary legal […]

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Untapped Markets: Public Adjusters

Welcome to the next part of our series on untapped markets! In this installment, we will delve into a unique industry that offers great potential for expanding your client base as a notary. By partnering with Public Adjusters, you can diversify your services beyond traditional loan signings and tap into a niche market that is […]

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How to get a Kentucky Electronic Notary Exemplar

What is the Kentucky Electronic Notary Exemplar? The signature and seal Kentucky notaries use to conduct online notarizations are together known as the “exemplar.” It’s a fancy way of saying example. ūüėČ Where can I get a Kentucky electronic notary exemplar? You will need to obtain your electronic Exemplar from your RON Service Provider.¬†BlueNotary¬†provides this […]

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Need a Notary in Jacksonville, FL? Use an Online Notary

What Is an Online Notary? Can you use one in Jacksonville, Florida? An online notary in Jacksonville, Florida allows you to utilize notary services remotely via live audio-video technology instead of in-person. This innovative approach provides more convenience and flexibility. To use an online notary in Jacksonville, you will need: A computer with a webcam […]

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Empowering RON’s RON MasterClass Highlight: Document Mastery

A key highlight of the BlueNotary Masterclass is the remarkable Learning Library, designed to equip notaries with essential knowledge and skills. One of the standout features within this¬† library is the collection of PDFs that encompasses the most common loan signing documentation. This resource serves as a valuable tool, providing notaries with an opportunity to […]

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Expanding Charitable Initiatives with Virtual Notaries

Expanding the Reach of Charitable Initiatives: The Power of Virtual Notaries In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology continues to reshape various industries, offering new opportunities and innovative solutions. One area where this transformation can have a significant impact is in the operations of charitable organizations. By embracing virtual notarization services, charities can unlock a […]

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Online Notary Near Me | BlueNotary

Digital Brand Mention: BlueNotary Are you looking for a reliable and secure way to get your documents notarized? If so, then BlueNotary is the perfect platform for you. With its advanced online notary system, BlueNotary can help make the process of getting documents notarized faster and easier than ever before. From legal firms to businesses, […]

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How I Made $2k in a Month as an Online Notary

Looking to increase your income? Or maybe it’s the extra layer of flexibility in your schedule. Either way, online notary gives you a chance to do both. When I switched to eNotarizing, I had no idea what it would do for my business. My first month, I only scheduled four eClosings and made over $500! […]

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Creating Win-Win Outcomes in Divorces

Navigating a divorce or custody battle can be an emotionally draining process that leaves both parties feeling overwhelmed. With so much at stake, the wrong decision could have long-lasting implications. However, it is possible to come to an agreement to benefit everyone. And the way to get that legally binding is via a Memorandum of […]