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Seamless eClosings - legal and secure, 100% online.

As little as $45 per eClosing session. See pricing.

Above and beyond MISMO ® standards.

Digital mortgages are expected to balloon to $200 Billion by 2025. (according to the American Bankers Association)

Can you afford NOT to make eClosing your process?

Why you need our product...

Plans For Professionals

One-time Notarization

$25 / notarization
Start Notarization
  • $8 per additional seal
  • $5 per additional signer or witness
  • Dashboard to manage signers & documents
  • Document send and collection
  • Chat/Email Support

Business Basic

$7 / month + $25 per notarization
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  • Main attraction ~ one-stop-shop to modernize & centralize your clients notarization process quickly online using BlueNotary on demand notaries
  • Admin dash history and audit logs
  • Access to your clients' notarized documents
  • Reusuable templates library
  • Tag-to-tag signatures for quicker signing
  • Identity verification technology
  • Documents stored securely for 7 days
  • Priority Chat/Email Support
  • Training video library

Business Premium

$147 / month
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  • Main attraction ~ BYON (Bring your own notaries); reduced platform fees:
    • 7 free notarizations, then $13 / notarization
    • Waived fees for service and additional seals
  • Add your team (up to 3 seats)
  • Includes all Pro features
  • Witness as a service
  • Automated document tagging and templates
  • Custom branding
  • Guided training and onboarding for your team
  • Dedicated account manager

Plans For Title Agents

Single Online Closing

$150 / closing session
Simply enter your email address to get started.
  • BlueNotary staff will prepare the documents for your signer after upload receive from your title company
  • BlueNotary notaries will perform the closing
  • Payment by credit card required only after completion of the closing

Title Pro

$197 / month
$125 / closing session
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The BlueNotary team will upload your documents, add required signature tags etc, and send to your client on your behalf

Join the online closings by video

Admin portal to track and manage your closings

Share closing instructions with our certified notary team

Chat & email support for your team and signers

$25 per ancillary document signing session (i.e. Power of Attorney) using BlueNotary notaries

Title Pro Hybrid

$397 / month
$45 / closing session w/ your agency's notaries
$125 / closing session w/ BlueNotary notaries
Up to 5 seats
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All Pro features plus:

Bring your own in-house notary team or use BlueNotary on-demand certified notaries, or both.

In-house notary is available in these states:
Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Ancillary Document signings - no extra charge.

Pay by invoice or credit card

Title Premium

Custom pricing
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All Pro features plus:

Discounted pricing for high volumes

Manage multiple teams from one account

Dedicated account success manager

See the whole process at a glance.

Three Quick Steps

Step 1

Upload Documents

BlueNotary is your secret weapon for quickly closing online. Send a simple invitation to signer and we'll take it from there.

BlueNotary Product Overview
BlueNotary Product Overview
Step 2

Verify Identity

We use sophisticated, bank-grade security processes to ensure every signer is legit. Undoubtedly much more secure than traditional notarizations.

Step 3

Close the Deal

Sign, seal, and send to whomever needs it after closing using your agents or the BlueNotary network of certified agents.

Start a notarization
BlueNotary Product Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents can be notarized on BlueNotary?

*Any digitized document that is in PDF format can be uploaded for notarization on the BlueNotary platform. (* in accordance to each state law permissions for remote online notarization)

What type of payments do you accept?

All major credit cards are accepted.

What documents can be notarized on BlueNotary?

BlueNotary can perform any notarization that is legal for online notarization in the state where the notary is commissioned. Some documents, such as birth certificates, death certificates, and court documents often require in-person notarizations or qualified witnesses. It's always best to check with the party that requires the notarized document to make sure that online notarizations are acceptable.

How does online notarization work?

Upload a document to our secure servers, follow the prompt for our ID analysis and robust identity authentication process. Finally, meet with the commissioned notary public in a live video meeting to review, sign, and complete the notarization process for your documents. This includes the notary signing and attaching his or her seal to the document. After the 10 minute process is completed, your document will be available for download.

Is online notarization legal?

Yes. We can legally notarize documents online in all 50 U.S. states.

All notaries on the BlueNotary platform are certified and fully commissioned in their respective states.

Numerous states have passed laws authorizing their notaries to perform online notarizations. These online notarizations are accepted across the country due to a long-standing body of laws in each state that specifically provides for recognition and acceptance of out-of-state notarizations.

What is the identity verification process?

BlueNotary utilizes two-point identification which incorporates knowledge-based identification with live credential evaluation. Knowledge-based identification (KBA) uses a series of 5 personal questions to verify the signer's identity, and credential verification uses visual and electronic analysis of the signer's physical ID to confirm their identity.