How to Become a Notary Public in North Dakota How to Become a Notary Public in North Dakota

How to Become a Notary Public in North Dakota

How to Become a Notary Public in North Dakota

Want to become a Notary in North Dakota? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Fill out an application form.
  2. Take your form to a commissioned Notary who will give you the oath of office and notarize your signature on the affidavit of requirements.
  3. Purchase a $7,500 surety bond.
  4. Send your application, bond, and a $36 fee to the Secretary of State.
  5. Wait to receive your Certificate of Authorization and the Verification of Notary Stamping Device Form from the Secretary of State.
  6. Buy an official Notary seal and show your authorization to your stamp vendor.
  7. Stamp the Verification Form with your new seal and return it to the Secretary of State by the due date.
  8. Once approved, you’ll receive your Notary commission from the Secretary of State.
  9. Consider getting a Notary journal (it’s optional, but highly recommended).
  10. Also, think about getting some Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance for added protection (again, optional but a smart move).

And if you want some extra guidance, consider taking Notary education courses from reputable sources like the BlueNotary Academy.

How to Become a Notary Public in North Dakota

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What are the Requirements to Become a Notary in North Dakota?

If you’re interested in becoming a Notary Public in North Dakota, here are the requirements you need to meet:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • A citizen or a permanent legal resident of the U.S.
  • Be able to read and write English.
  • Reside in the state, or if you’re an employee or resident of a neighboring county that offers reciprocity to Notaries, that works too.

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Notary Public in North Dakota?

Becoming a Notary Public involves some costs. Here’s what you need to know:

  • There’s a $36 application fee for the Notary Public Commission.
  • The price of your surety bond can vary based on the vendor you select.
  • Costs for supply packages also differ from one vendor to another and might include hidden fees.
  • New Notaries often need additional resources like books, training, and live expert help, which can add to the initial expense. Most new Notaries consider these essential.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Notary in North Dakota?

The process to become a commissioned Notary Public usually takes about four to six weeks. This timeline can vary depending on how quickly you submit your materials and the time it takes for the Secretary of State to process your application.

What Supplies Do North Dakota Notaries Need?

As a North Dakota Notary, you’ll need a specific type of stamp for notarizing documents. Here’s what to look for in your Notary stamp:

  • The stamp must be photographically reproducible, ensuring that each impression it leaves is clear on paper documents.
  • The design can be circular, up to 1 5/8 inches in diameter, or rectangular, up to 2 5/8 inches by 7/8 inch.
  • Your stamp must include the following details enclosed within a border:
  • Your name as it appears on your authorization
  • The words “Notary Public”
  • “State of North Dakota”
  • Your commission expiration date

Make sure that your stamp does not contain any other words, numbers, symbols, or reproductions of the great seal of North Dakota.

How long does a Notary commission last in North Dakota?

In North Dakota, a Notary commission is valid for four years.

What About Bonds or Insurance for North Dakota Notaries?

In North Dakota, all Notaries are required to have a $7,500 surety bond. This bond serves as a financial guarantee that the Notary will adhere to state laws in their notarial acts. It’s important to understand that the surety bond protects the public, not the Notary. If a claim is made against the bond due to the Notary’s negligence or misconduct, any compensation paid out covers the losses of the signer. You, as the Notary, would then be responsible for reimbursing the surety company for these costs.

Additionally, while not mandatory, you can choose to purchase Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance. This separate policy provides coverage for potential legal expenses or damages you might face, paying for legal fees and settlements up to the policy limit. This insurance is especially beneficial as it protects you directly, unlike the surety bond.

North Dakota Notary Public FAQs

Who Oversees Notaries in North Dakota?

In North Dakota, the Secretary of State’s office, located in Bismarck, ND, is responsible for commissioning Notaries Public. This office handles all the regulatory aspects, including applications, renewals, and compliance for notaries in the state.

Do I need Training to Become a Notary in North Dakota?

In North Dakota, you are not required to take Notary training or pass an exam to apply for a Notary commission. There are no educational or testing prerequisites to becoming a Notary in the state.

Can I become a North Dakota Notary if I am not a U.S. citizen?

Yes, you do not need to be a U.S. citizen to become a Notary Public in North Dakota. However, you must be a permanent legal resident of the U.S. and meet all other standard application requirements.

Where will I be able to notarize?

As a North Dakota Notary, you are authorized to perform notarial acts anywhere within the state’s borders. You can provide notary services across the entire state of North Dakota.

Who can I notarize for?

As a North Dakota Notary, you can notarize documents for any member of the public, provided the notarization meets all legal requirements. However, you should not notarize documents where you or your spouse have a direct financial or beneficial interest in the transaction. Although not explicitly prohibited by law, it is strongly recommended to avoid notarizing for close family members to prevent potential ethical conflicts.

How much can I charge for my notary services?

In North Dakota, Notaries can charge up to $5 for each notarial act. Additionally, Notaries are allowed to charge for travel, but this fee must be agreed upon in advance with the signer.

Is Online Notary Legal in South Dakota?

Yes, since August 1, 2019, North Dakota has permitted remote ink-signed notarization (RIN). Notaries in North Dakota are also required to maintain a journal of all notarial acts performed, including those done remotely.

What happens if I move or change my name after becoming a Notary?

If you move or change your name as a Notary in North Dakota, you must notify the Secretary of State within 60 days of the change. Here’s what to do:

If You Move:

  • Update your address by completing and submitting a Notary Change of Address form.
  • Alternatively, a letter notifying the Secretary of State of your address change is also acceptable.

If You Change Your Name:

  • Complete the Notary Name Change/Notary Seal/Stamp Change form.
  • Submit this form along with a rider to your surety bond, which must list your previous name, your new name, and the effective date of the name change.
  • Pay a $10 filing fee.
  • After receiving your certificate of authorization for a new stamping device, you need to make an impression of your new seal on the certificate and return it to the Secretary of State.
  • A new commission will be issued under your new name.

How do I renew my North Dakota Notary Public Commission?

The process for renewing your Notary Public commission in North Dakota is the same as the initial commissioning process. You can begin the renewal process up to 60 days before your current commission expires. Simply follow the same steps you did when you first applied. 

How do I become an Online Notary in North Dakota? 

We have already explained how to do this in our How to Become an Online Notary in North Dakota guide. It is an in-depth guide that gives all you need to become a notary in North Dakota for online purposes.

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