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Addendum vs Amendment Made Easy

You may find yourself needing to revise a legal document at some point, whether it’s a contract, policy, or other agreement. When changes are required, you’ll want to understand the difference between an addendum and an amendment to determine the appropriate approach. An addendum refers to an addition made to an existing document to add […]

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So What Exactly is a Notarial Certificate?

As you conduct business or personal matters that involve legal documents, you may come across the requirement to obtain a notarial certificate to verify identities or witness the signing of important paperwork. A notarial certificate is an official document issued by a notary public to authenticate the identity of individuals signing critical legal forms. Notaries […]

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Does an Auto Bill of Sale Need Notarization?

The quick answer is, usually, no. Generally when you sell your car, you won’t need to worry about notarization. Not technically, anyway. However, getting something notarized provides extra legal protection. Especially in the event of future issues. Depending where you live, it may be required notarization for transactions. Usually those involving vehicles or other large […]

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So what is a Notary?

What is a Notary? Ever needed something notarized? Maybe you bought a house and needed a loan. Or maybe a friend gave you Power of Attorney during an emergency. Whatever the case, you probably had to find a notary. But maybe you weren’t sure where to begin. Everyone knows the term, but what is a […]

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How to Become an Online Notary in Arizona

Become an Online Notary! It’s an easy way for current notaries to secure more clients. eNotaries offer faster booking and easier document completion! And it’s all totally legal! You can make extra money while not changing anything about your schedule. So what are you waiting for? How Do You Become An Online Notary In Arizona? […]

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How to perform Unclaimed Property Inquiry?

Does an Unclaimed Property Inquiry Require Notarization? No, an unclaimed property inquiry does not require notarization. The state’s Unclaimed Property Office will accept written requests for information on the status of a claim without a notary’s signature or stamp. However, it is important to include as much identifying information as possible to ensure accurate results. […]

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Do Handgun Permits Require Notarization?

In most states, a handgun permit does not require notarization. However, there are some states that do require notarization for gun permits. For example, in New York, the license to possess a firearm must be signed by two people who witness the applicant’s signature and then those signatures must be notarized. Additionally, in states like […]

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What is a Lien Release? Release of Lien?

A lien release is a document that is used to terminate a lien or claim on a property. Once the lien is released, the original creditor no longer has a legal right to reclaim the asset and the debtor is free from any further obligation associated with it. The lien release can be filed with […]

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What exactly is a Bill of Sale?

A Bill of Sale is a legal document used to record the sale and transfer of ownership of goods or services. Think of it as your “proof of purchase” and contract all in one. A Bill of Sale protects both parties in case of any ownership or payment disputes. How do I create a Bill […]

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How to take an Oath of Office

Taking an Oath of Office is an important step to becoming a commissioned notary. This article goes over what an Oath of Office is and how to execute one. What it an Oath of Office? An Oath of Office is a solemn promise to uphold the laws and regulations of the office you are taking. […]