How to Ask for Referrals as a Notary How to Ask for Referrals as a Notary

How to Expertly Ask for Referrals as a Notary

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Katie:📍 So the other thing that I wanted to go into, and you mentioned it a little bit, but you have a new thing that is called Notary Assist Marketing. Yeah, go a little bit into that because I am, I love marketing. I will talk about it all the time. And I think it’s so important for the notary business especially because when I first started I thought that I was just gonna put up an “open” sign and then everybody was gonna flock to me When that didn’t happen, I was like what am I doing wrong?

In the ever-evolving landscape of notarization services, the unstoppable rise of online notarization has revolutionized the way individuals seek to get documents notarized.

Why is it why do people like it? Why are they not coming to me? Yeah. So I try and give the notaries a little bit of a push start or like best practices on and it sounds like you’re on point too with that as well.

Susan Hope: Thank you. So we launched, it’ll be two years old in October. We launched a marketing or SEO search engine optimization platform to try and focus and target notaries to be displayed in their local area, offering those services that they want to focus on. So every notary is different. Like we just talked about, everybody’s different. They run their business uniquely. So what works in California may not work in Florida, and vice versa. Or you might have things that you can offer in Florida that we can’t offer in California.

But it goes even more microscopically than that. What works in Gainesville may not work in Miami and vice versa. You can advertise and target that you’re a notary offering these services in this county, this zip code, this city, and we want to help bolster your digital presence when a client, John, and Jane Public, sit down in front of any device or any search engine and start typing in, I need a notary.

Yeah. Most of the time the public doesn’t even know what a notary public is until they get a document notarized in the mail or from an attorney or from a company or a pension that says, Oh, by the way, you need to get this notarized. And then they’re on the journey of trying to find a notary. Now, this is different from the loan signing agencies and stuff like that or the signing services because now we’re talking about general and specialty notary work versus loan signings.

So what we’re focusing on is the general notary work that needs to be done, a document, an affidavit, a pension agreement, or a beneficiary statement. Those are things that need to be done every day, multiple times a day across the country. And notaries are trying to advertise to the local community that I can do that.

And that’s what Notary Assist Marketing does. So we build out a profile, and we help you optimize that digital footprint by breaking your services down into a short description, and a long description, where do you perform your services? What are the services you perform? Who are you affiliated with?

Are you part of the Better Business Bureau? Are you part of the local Chamber of Commerce? Are you part of the National Notary Association, Loan Signing Systems? NBB, Notary Business Builder, Notary Rotary. These are all affiliations that each one of us gravitates towards and we become a part of their network.

So we’re going to advertise this as part of our unique business. And sometimes people will search for you based on, Oh, I’m affiliated with the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries. So I’m going to go. with somebody who works with them. So it’s a way for us to advertise our services in our local area, in the affiliations that we, it’s creating our little bubble and we want to advertise our services in that bubble.

It’s very targeted and we will help you. We interview you, we get to know you, we create a template that’s designed specifically for you, and then we onboard you. And what does that mean? We go through and show you how to use our portal, so when you make your changes or your updates, we press it across 50-plus platforms.

While the convenience of remote online notarization platforms allows for after-hours accessibility, those wondering, “Do all banks have notaries ready to notarize documents?” can explore the option of finding banks that notarize near them. The accessibility of traditional and online notary services offers individuals flexible choices tailored to their unique needs and schedules.

Katie: I saw that.

Susan Hope: We’re bringing this information, not only with Google but with Yelp, Nextdoor, and Yellow Paper, Some of your clients, believe it or not, are still going to be using the Yellow Pages. They’re digital now, but we want to have a footprint there so that we’re more likely to be found by that particular client.

We cannot control if a client is using Siri or Google. So we want to put our footprint on both places where Yahoo or AOL or whatever. We want to try and be out there as big as possible for as many people to find us as possible. Yeah. That’s step one. Step two is we know that in the service industry if somebody’s looking to have you come to their home.

Yeah. Reviews are hugely important. So we want to help you get reviews, professional reviews about the services that you offer in your service area as easily as possible. It has to become something that we ask for as soon as we sit down to the signing tape. Okay. Thank you so much for allowing me to work with you today.

I’m a small business, and as small businesses thrive on reviews. I would be so appreciative if you could let others know that you had a great experience with my prompt, my professional notary services. And why am I using a prompt professional? Now whatever keywords you’re deciding to use on your website, you can get reviews for.

So whatever you decide, if I’m top rated, it’s a little hard to say I’ve Top rated, but I did high-quality top rated service for you is how you would ask. And you want to prompt that way when you’re asking for reviews. This will all help build on itself because SEO is consistent. Longevity, it all builds on itself.

So it’s not something that happens overnight. It slowly builds over time. So the search engines will be more comfortable. and confident in displaying your information to the public that’s searching.

Katie: That is a genius. That is a genius suggestion because one, the power of suggestion is 100% real. But two, that’s such a good idea.

I wouldn’t have thought about that as like a little tip or like a trick or anything and to be like, that’s a good idea.

Susan Hope: It all boils down to something as simple If you want to be the best notary in Gainesville, Florida and you advertise yourself as the best mobile notary in Gainesville, Florida, you want to make sure that you’re getting reviews from your clients, Oh my gosh, she was the best.

You want to use that somehow in your statement. She was the best. She came to me. I didn’t have to go to her. She made it easy. I just can’t wait to use her again. She is the best in Gainesville. You know what I mean? A review like that goes so far. So you have to pick the words that you want to focus on.

If you want to be professional, if you want to be accurate, and speedy it’s all about focusing on the keyword that you want to be remembered for. I’ve got a notary who’s… “Speedy to you”. So she uses speedy in everything and that’s her keyword and that’s what she wants to do and she does well with that.

Katie: Huh.

Susan Hope: And so it just depends on what market you’re in, what state you’re in, think about where you are, what your clientele is, and build a profile around that so that you’re more likely to stand out. That’s good.

Katie: So do you have any tips on how to ask basically for referrals? As well, like when you’re at the table, or just in general, or…

Susan Hope: Of course! A referral is a professional hug. I’m a hugger I’m always gonna hug you, but a referral is a professional hug, that’s what I always call it, and if I’m sitting down at the table while

I’m asking for that professional review from my client, and if you ever think of, or if you ever hear that somebody else might need it, I would love…if you would consider referring my business or my services to your friends and family, there’s nothing wrong with asking for that. Think about it, let me think of something like your hairdresser or your nail salon. If you’re going and you’re patronizing them and building their business and you like their service, you probably say, Oh my gosh, you’ve got to go see Nikki.

She’s got. She does the best hair in town. Yeah. Guess what? She probably just got a client because you referred her. Word of mouth and referrals carry a lot of weight when it comes to the service industry. If you’re confident that somebody came to your home and took care of your notary pacts professionally, and took care of it, you’re probably going to refer them.

And guess what? That referral will probably get that person hype because you’ve already vetted them. You’ve already sampled their service. It goes a long way. So don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. That’s how we build confidence. That’s exactly right. And then just you can also do it at the end. So this is if you are doing a run, you can also do it at the end of your send-off for when you’re about to finish the notarization when you’re about to hit complete session.

That’s also a really good time probably to ask for a referral if there’s anyone that. Also would need a notary, how would you say, how would you say that if there’s someone else? If you feel that, or if you find anybody who needs my types of services, please feel free to let them know we are available.

RON is so new. A lot of people don’t even really know about it or trust it or are used to thinking that it’s real or legitimate. Yeah. Sorry. I didn’t turn that off. And it’s a way for us to educate our community. It’s important for us as notary publics. We’re here for our community. We are public servants.

So part of that means we’re educating our community on what’s available to them. And a lot of times they don’t even realize that a RON is even available. Now, how nice would that be to be able to sit behind a computer? Now, not every client’s going to be doing well on the other side of a computer to do a digital signing.

It might just be easier to drive to them and take care of it in person. But that’s up to you all based on your business model. Yeah. So what works for you? But yeah the other thing that I would throw out is having something notary assist marketing does help you queue up a, or spin up a URL, a unique URL, and we give you a QR code.

So if you’re in a RON session at the very end, you can put a little, you could cut and paste and put a little QR code on the screen, and you can direct them to, here’s my QR code for a review. All they have to do is scan it with their phone while they’re on the screen with you, and it takes you, takes them right to your review link, and now you can get a review.

They can see it in the lower corner, they sign it, and now they’re giving you a review while you’re in the session. That’s a really good idea, too.

Katie: I wonder how that would be, that’s a really good idea. So I’m gonna have to think about that, about how that would, yeah. You’re giving me so much to think about.

This is great. This is great, though.

Susan Hope: You want the return client when you’re having a RON session. You’re not just meeting with that client once. You want that client to be a client for life. And every time they need a notarization to think of you. Now, John and Jane public may not need a notarization very often.

They might only need a notarization once a year, but then you never know who you’re sitting across from. They could be a CEO or CFO of a big company and inside of their company, they need notarizations daily or weekly. And because you did such a nice job with their transaction, now you have an into that corporate

opportunity. So you never know who you’re sitting across from. So always think about that. That could be a great way for you to have the next revenue bump.

Katie: Yeah. I always take everything like that the person in front of me is going to be the next person that’s going to give me however much business.

Because that has happened where, there’s a title company, which I also, want to impress. But then the signers, when they’re in front of me. I try and do the best job and then they’re like, oh, I’m a realtor and I work with these types of clients and I need you all the time. I’m like, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Susan Hope: Yeah, now where they can, if they have, they usually have a team. There’s usually a transaction coordinator. There’s, and if you can be on their notary team and they send you when they open escrow, they send an initial information packet to the escrow officer. And they say this is my team.

This is going to take care of my transaction coordinator. This is my notary. She or he will do the closing transaction. And this is this. And you’re introduced and the realtor can have a say in who’s taking care of their client from A to Z. Correct. So it’s hugely important.

Katie: Yeah. I think so too. I, yeah, I like going to the networking events in general, but I like going to the realtor events too because I think they’re so much fun, but you’re right.

They do have such contact with title companies. And then also depending on if they’re the buyer or the seller representing, they have the final say on, who was involved with their client. You’re right. Yeah, I like doors of opportunity. Yes. Yeah.

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