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How to Find Notary Clients at Conferences!

One of the best ways to hack your learning is to read and listen at the same time.  For this reason, we have begun transcribing select videos that we think will be beneficial to your growth as a notary. If you listen while you read the text, you can increase your reading speed as well […]

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Simple Trick to Snag Potential Clients

As a remote online notary, establishing effective communication channels with clients is essential for a smooth and efficient notarization process. One simple yet often overlooked practice is capturing the email addresses of potential clients during initial calls. By implementing this practical tip, you can enhance client engagement, streamline document exchange, and ultimately retain valuable clientele. […]

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Getting Paid as a Notary: How to Invoice Title Companies

Getting Paid as a Notary: A Guide to Invoicing and Settlements with Title Companies As a new notary, understanding the process of getting paid by title companies is essential to ensuring a smooth financial transaction, especially if you are performing a Loan Closing Online. Once you’ve successfully completed a notarization, the next step is to […]

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Empowering RON’s RON MasterClass Highlight: Document Mastery

A key highlight of the BlueNotary Masterclass is the remarkable Learning Library, designed to equip notaries with essential knowledge and skills. One of the standout features within this  library is the collection of PDFs that encompasses the most common loan signing documentation. This resource serves as a valuable tool, providing notaries with an opportunity to […]

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Leveraging Biometrics to Enhance your Notary Business

The world of notarization is evolving rapidly, and virtual notaries are becoming increasingly popular. As the digital landscape expands, it is crucial for notary businesses to adapt to new technologies and cater to a broader customer base.One promising avenue to explore is leveraging the use of biometrics, such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, to […]

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Why All Mobile Notaries Need eNotary Certification

As technology continues to evolve, the world of notarization is quickly transitioning towards an entirely digital format. eNotarization, also known as electronic notarizations, allows users to digitally affix signatures and conduct other necessary business by using a web-based platform. This method has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to its convenience and […]

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Notary Classes and Notary Coaches Near Me

Notary classes near me and the benefit of a Notary Coach Are you looking for some notary classes near me? Or perhaps you are looking for a notary mentor in your area? We’ve got some tips for classes, coaches, and online resources to grow your Notary and Loan Signing knowledge. Notary Classes Notary Classes are […]

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7 Things to Do Before You Get a Doc Notarized

There’s more than a few things you need to know before you go about getting your legal documents notarized. We’ve made a list to help get you and your notarization on the right track. 1. Make sure you have the right documents: It is important to make sure that the documents you are providing for […]

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25 Need to Know Notary Terms

Why it’s Important to Know Notary Terms Knowing these terms will help you prepare for your notarial job, ensure that the document is properly signed and certified, and provide additional security measures so that documents are valid, legally binding, and protected from fraud or misuse. As with any legal process, it’s always best to consult […]

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5 Tips To Stay Profitable As A Notary

5 Notary Tips We’ll Waste no time and jump right into our 5 Notary Tips to Stay Profitable. 1. Maintain accurate records of your services: Accurate and detailed records of the services you provide will help ensure that your earnings remain consistent. Keeping track of all payments received, as well as any additional fees charged, […]