My Dead Simple eMortgage Experience My Dead Simple eMortgage Experience

My Dead-Simple eMortgage Experience

A Match Made in eReal Estate Heaven

I did something I thought was impossible – I bought a house. I turned thirty-three this year and, like other younger millennials, reached a point where apartment life didn’t make sense.

Starting out, I felt behind the curve. Did I wait too long? Turns out, the average age of first time US home buyers increased over the past few years; From hovering around late twenties to early thirties. So I wondered, what else was I wasting time worrying about?

The silver lining of 2020 was gaining the superpower of being anywhere instantly. You can’t expect it to just not be used! Things change with each new generation, and real estate is no different. Now that I know how many things my presence isn’t actually needed for, No way am I going back to in-person anything!

It’s not like when you start looking for a house, your life is put on hold! And it gets in the way of buying a home quickly. Nothing is more frustrating than postponing home closing. Especially for a reason like a scheduling conflict!

Love at First eSign

When looking for a new home, a tech savvy agent was a requirement. There’s just no room for “old school” when talking about the digital real estate market. Luckily, I found the perfect match in a modernized office.

Without saying, anything that could be, was done digitally. I signed documents electronically; Including the closing paperwork! I know what you’re thinking, don’t closings have to be in person for all that notarizing? In a word, nope! With remote online notarization (RON) there’s literally no reason to delay closings. 

Don’t Put Your Life on Hold!

Right when you’re ready to sign, an eNotary is too, via secure video call and encrypted document transfer. Simply join and complete a session with an eNotary – dead simple.  eNotarization offers the same services you get in an in-office meeting, just zero hassle! eNotaries hold the same certifications as a traditional notary and with bank-grade encryption on platforms like BlueNotary, closing any other way just makes no sense. 

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