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How Can a Credit Union Compete?

It wasn’t always that the big banks of the world had so much power. But these days, for every $1 invested in local credit unions, there is $14 dollars invested in the big broad institutional banks.  The total market share for credit unions is just over 1 trillion USD while big banks these days account […]

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100% Digital Mortgage Future is Now

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that there is an online platform out there for any need, and buying a home is no exception. More and more banks like Chase and Wells Fargo are joining the already active online lending community.  So what exactly is a digital mortgage?  Like any changing […]

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UPS Notary Services versus Online Notary?

You sit down at your computer. Type in “Notary Near Me”. You see UPS stores? You see online services? Maybe you see your state department website?  Where to click? If you’re looking to get your document notarized the absolute fastest we’ll cut to the chase, Online Notarization is the the fastest method and can be […]

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Social Media – Pump Up Your Profile

See part 2 of our Growth Secrets series here: Killer Customer Acquistion Part 3: Social Media In the year 2022, unless you have a network of old friends with money in their pockets, it is simply not an option to not have a digital profile on the web if you want to compete with other […]

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What’s the Big Deal with eClosing?

In the last decade we’ve watched retail, pharmacies, and other major commerce move to online platforms and become standard expectation in everyday life. The real estate market is no different and a shift can be seen into a digital based platform. Since 2020, we’ve all experienced how easy and convenient virtual appointments and shopping are, […]

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DS-3053 Passport Parental Consent Form

If you need a passport for your child, you probably have some important travel plans. It’s crucial to fill out your application correctly. Getting a passport for your child requires the correct, properly notarized documents. Here’s what you need to know about using a DS-3053 Form. What Is a DS-3053 Form? This form’s official name […]

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Mastering Your Million Dollar Mindset

Growth Secrets Series: Part 1 Mindset Manifesting Persistence TL;DR Growth Mindset “I’ve never known a person who was successful that didn’t at first establish a mindset of success.” – Byron Pulsifer The power of mind is astounding. A paralyzed dude starts walking by sheer force of thinking that he can. Just let that sink in […]

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BlueNotary is Now MISMO Certified

BlueNotary Remote Online Notarization (RON) and eClosing platform is very pleased to announce that it is now a Certified eMortgage Technology Provider by MISMO® – the premier standards development body for the mortgage industry. BlueNotary customers have the assurance that they can close documents and perform notarizations online in compliance with the MISMO standards. These […]

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The Most Profitable RON Referral Growth Hack

The rubicon has been crossed.  BlueNotary is making its biggest offer for RON’s and LSA’s yet.  As those reading this may know, some of the highest quality Loan Signing Training Programs in the industry pitch the ability to make over $200 / hr.  How would you like to make much more than that in less […]

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Connect with Remote Online Notary API

It’s an API world and we’re all just living in it.  API’s are everywhere you look nowadays, you just might not have realized it yet.  Here’s just a couple examples when API is used: API is used to share flight info between travel sites.Google Maps’ API is used by Uber and other rideshare programs. It’s used […]