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Signatures have long been a symbol of identity and consent, evolving from ancient seals to today's digital signatures. Each signature is as unique as the individual it represents, often reflecting personality traits and sometimes changing over time. Historically, signatures were not just for the literate; marks and symbols served the same purpose for those unable to write, embodying the signer's personal stamp of authenticity.

In the realm of famous signatures, some have become almost as iconic as the individuals themselves.

For instance, John Hancock's bold signature on the Declaration of Independence is synonymous with American liberty and defiance.

Signatures can also hold legal weight, binding individuals to contracts and agreements. Interestingly, the art of analyzing handwriting, graphology, posits that signatures can reveal much about a person's character, emotional state, and even career aptitude.

Personality Analysis by Signature

Signatures can indeed reveal a lot about a person's personality, according to graphology. Here's a list of various types of signatures and the traits commonly associated with them:

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Our Online Signature Generator allows you to create digital signatures effortlessly. Simply access our tool on, draw or type your signature, and download it for use in documents.

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After generating your eSignature with our tool, save it as an image. In Word, go to "Insert" > "Pictures," select your signature image, and place it in your document.

Create your eSignature with BlueNotary, save it, and then in Outlook, go to "File" > "Options" > "Mail" > "Signatures." Click "New," name your signature, and insert the saved image.

Generate your signature on our platform and save it. Open your PDF with Adobe Reader, click on "Fill & Sign," and use the "Sign" option to upload and place your signature.

After creating your eSignature, in Gmail, go to "Settings" > "See all settings" > "General." Scroll to "Signature," click "Create new," and upload your signature image.

By utilizing BlueNotary's Online Signature Generator, you can streamline the process of signing documents digitally. Our platform is designed to make digital signing as easy and secure as possible, whether you're finalizing a contract, sending professional emails, or notarizing documents online.