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How to get a Notarized Affidavit: Why, When and How

As an official document verified by a notary public, an affidavit carries legal weight and significance. Knowing when and how to properly notarize an affidavit is important for ensuring its validity and enforceability. You want to make sure you understand the key reasons for notarizing an affidavit, the correct process to follow, and how to […]

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How to Write and Notarize an Affidavit

This article is a 5 step guide on how to Write and Process an Affidavit. 1. Start with the Affidavit basics. Begin your affidavit by stating who you are, and that you’re over 18 years old (or, in some cases, 16 years old). Explain why you’re writing this affidavit, and include any relevant facts or […]

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What is an Affiant in Legal Terms?

Most of us are familiar with the term affidavit but do you know who an affiant is? Many of your might be hearing this term for the first time. Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to make you familiar with the term affiant; when do you need an affiant? Who can be an affiant? […]