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How to Simply Insert eSignatures in GoogleDocs

GoogleDocs stands as one of the most widely used word processors worldwide. There’s 2 main methods to obtain an eSignature free for this: Use the BlueNotary free eSignature tool What might be surprising, is the ability to create digital signatures into your GoogleDocs seamlessly, right within the document window. There are separate techniques to apply […]

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eSign Showdown: Pandadoc vs. Docusign vs. BlueNotary

As the digital transformation of business accelerates, more and more companies are adopting electronic signature solutions. For many, selecting a provider is a crucial decision that can significantly impact productivity and workflows. When evaluating options, it’s important to consider factors like functionality, security, compliance standards, and pricing. In this article, we’ll compare three of the […]

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What Is a Wet Signature and When Do You Need One?

Have you ever wondered why you still have to sign paperwork with a pen when everything else can be done electronically? Meet the wet signature, a handwritten signature that uses ink on paper. Even in today’s digital world, wet signatures are still occasionally needed for important legal documents like closing on a house, signing a […]

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How to Get a Free Electronic Signature

Use a Free Signature Maker Service Like BlueNotary Looking to obtain a free electronic signature (e-signature)? You can get a free eSignature right here 😉. BlueNotary makes it simple and easy. BlueNotary offers a straightforward process to create and use free electronic signatures. You don’t even need to create an account on their website by […]

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Future of eSign and eNotarizing: BlueNotary or Signaturely?

As technology continues to evolve, the digital transformation of industries and professions is inescapable. Electronic signatures and electronic notarization are altering the way we conduct business transactions and legal proceedings. For those seeking eSignature and eNotary solutions, two prominent players have emerged: BlueNotary and Signaturely. As a professional navigating an increasingly digital world, understanding the […]

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Free Roofing Contract Template: Why it’s Prudent and Wise

If you’re looking for our free roofing contract template off the bat, simply scroll down the page a bit. As a roofing contractor, having a rock-solid contract template is essential to running a successful business. If you want to avoid payment issues, project disputes, and legal headaches down the road, investing in a comprehensive contract […]

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What is the ESIGN Act? What you need to Know

The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act) is a United States federal law that was enacted in 2000. The purpose of the E-Sign Act is to facilitate the use of electronic records and signatures in interstate and foreign commerce, ensuring the legal validity and enforceability of electronic contracts and transactions. Consent […]

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Handshake to Hancock: How Paper Contracts are often Signed

The Handshake: How Informal Agreements Begin A business partnership often starts with a simple handshake and a verbal agreement to work together. These informal arrangements can be a great way to get things off the ground, but as your venture grows, it’s important to put key terms in writing. Handshake deals may be fine when […]