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How to Sign a PDF on Mac: Simple Guide

Mastering the Art of PDF Signatures on a Mac: A Light-Hearted Guide Ah, the digital age! Gone are the days of hunting for a pen that works, only to scrawl your John Hancock on a piece of paper. If you’re a proud Mac user, signing a PDF document is as easy as finding your favorite […]

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What is an Authorized Signatory and How to Make One

Picture this: a company or public institution where every tiny decision needs a green light from the big boss. It’s like asking your mom for permission to raid the cookie jar… every. single. time. Not the most efficient way to run a cookie-eating business, right? To avoid this bureaucratic bellyache, institutions often play a game […]

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How to do a Remote Closing for a House

House Closings in the Digital Age: From Paper Piles to Pixel Parties Remember the days when closing on a house felt like cramming for finals in a library? Everyone huddled together, drowning in a sea of paper, signing their names until their wrists cried for mercy. Well, thanks to our uninvited guest, Mr. Pandemic, the […]

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How to Sign My Name in Cursive – 3 Ways

Welcome to the whimsical world of cursive signature crafting – where your name becomes an artistic rollercoaster! Whether you’re signing off on million-dollar deals or just want to jazz up your John Hancock, we’ve got some fabulously fancy ways to make your signature sparkle. How to Sign My Name in Cursive – The 3 Dazzling […]

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What Exactly is a Fax Number?

In a world where we can send messages faster than the speed of light and get packages delivered before we’ve even ordered them, there are still some brave souls out there clinging to their trusty fax machines. Yes, you heard it right, fax machines in the era of high-speed internet and overnight shipping! Why, you […]

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IRS Fax Numbers: Where Can I Send my Tax Forms

A list of IRS fax numbers If you were born after the year 2000 and are wondering about for details about what a fax number actually is, you can check out this article here.  We have compiled a list of IRS fax numbers for the most common tax forms and departments in order to help […]

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How to Sign a Document on iPhone and iPad Free

  Why Sign Documents Electronically on iPhone? To not waste any of your time, you can sign your document online free here.  There are several benefits to signing documents electronically on your iPhone. First, it’s convenient. You can sign anytime, anywhere right from your mobile device. No more printing, signing, scanning and emailing documents. This […]

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What is a Signature Block? How Electronic Signatures Work

What Is a Signature Block? A signature block, or e-sig, is an electronic version of your handwritten signature. It allows you to sign digital documents, like contracts or invoices, on your computer or mobile device. How E-Signatures Work E-signatures use encryption to verify your identity and associate it with the document you’re signing. When you […]

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How to Simply Insert eSignatures in GoogleDocs

GoogleDocs stands as one of the most widely used word processors worldwide. There’s 2 main methods to obtain an eSignature free for this: Use the BlueNotary free eSignature tool What might be surprising, is the ability to create digital signatures into your GoogleDocs seamlessly, right within the document window. There are separate techniques to apply […]

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eSign Showdown: Pandadoc vs. Docusign vs. BlueNotary

As the digital transformation of business accelerates, more and more companies are adopting electronic signature solutions. For many, selecting a provider is a crucial decision that can significantly impact productivity and workflows. When evaluating options, it’s important to consider factors like functionality, security, compliance standards, and pricing. In this article, we’ll compare three of the […]