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How To Get Something Notarized Overseas

Technology has made our lives a whole lot easier and made the world a whole lot smaller. It means that more will executions, marriage licenses, and real estate deals can be done internationally. Each of these activities requires a notary service. Therefore, you must be wondering if it is possible to get documents notarized if you live abroad. Fortunately, it is very much possible to utilize a notary service while living overseas. Here is everything that you need to know.

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Notarization of Documents Outside of the United States

Although it is possible to notarize documents if you live outside the country, you must understand that international activities are not as straightforward as most of us would want. The first thing that you need to understand is why there is a need for a notary service. After you have reviewed the notary requirements, you need to compare the notaries back home with the ones abroad.

Notaries in the United States are needed for verifying legal and financial transactions. They undergo comprehensive background checks before they are permitted to notarize documents. Notaries are even required to carry a surety bond for covering administrative damages as mistakes are possible.

On the other hand, foreign notaries verify whether the signatures on documents are valid and certify if the document is legally binding. A foreign notary is appointed to oversee complicated transactions including merger and real estate documents. It is due to this reason that an international notary service is considered overkill when you only require signature verification.

A foreign notary holds a prestigious position. You need to be patient when you ask for notarization as even a simple verification that takes 5 minutes in the United States would take much longer overseas. They are very careful when notarizing documents as their reputation is on the line. If you encounter any difficulty, it is best that you reach out to the US notary service.

How You Can Get Documents Notarized From Anywhere?

Generally, most people will tell you to head over to the closest military base if you require a signature verification immediately. Even though the US has military bases in just about every part of the world, it can be difficult to get a notary to verify your document as civilians are not always given entry into the base. Therefore, it is best that you opt for a more convenient option. This is where an online notary service such as BlueNotary comes into place.

Online Notary Service

Advancement in technology has paved the way for document notarization over the internet. You can use an online notary service that will connect you to a US notary to get your documents notarized. Here is what you need to do to take advantage of the service.

  • Head over to the BlueNotary website of the notarization service.
  • Request for a notary session by selecting the desired time.
  • Use the link for uploading documents that require notarization.
  • Answer questions to confirm your identity and provide a picture of your license.
  • Meet with the notary online.
  • Once the notary is satisfied that you have met the requirements, he or she would notarize your document digitally.
  • Save the notarized documents on your device and put them to use.

In addition to offering convenience, you will be glad to know that the online notary service such as BlueNotary employs vetted notaries. Thus, you will not need to conduct extensive research for finding a notary who can take on the work. A US notary can verify signatures for all types of documents. Besides, the online service would provide flexible pricing options in case you have a lot of documents that require notarization.

Are There Any Other Options?

Anyone who requires notarization of documents outside the US has two other options. You can look up a mobile notary who would meet you at the desired location for notarizing your documents. In case they have an office, you can head over to their office for then notarization. This option also provides convenience, is secure, and flexible scheduling options. However, it would prove expensive and the notary might not be authorized to provide the seal for the documents due to the state in which the transactions might be conducted.

Another option that you have is heading to a US embassy to get the documents notarized. An embassy would employ an official who would verify just about every type of document. But, you still have to make sure that the notary is able to affix the right seal for your state.


Conducting personal or business transactions outside the country is not as easy as it seems. However, you might have no option but to use an online notary service to get your documents notarized on time. It’s literally minutes online vs. potentially up to a week through any other method depending on where you are in the world.

General Questions About Notarized Overseas

How are online notarizations like BlueNotary legally recognized across different countries and jurisdictions?

Advancements in international law and agreements, such as the Hague Apostille Convention, facilitate recognition of digital notarizations. However, acceptance varies depending on local laws and specific institution requirements. Users should verify acceptance in the intended country of use.

What security measures do online notary services employ to protect document privacy and confidentiality?

Online notary platforms use encryption, secure data storage, and strict access controls to safeguard privacy. They verify signatories’ identities through secure methods and conduct notarization sessions over encrypted video connections. Document encryption during transit and storage further minimizes unauthorized access risks, ensuring compliance with global data protection regulations.

Are there limitations on document types that can be notarized online through services like BlueNotary?

While online notary services cover a wide range of documents, limitations exist based on jurisdictional legal requirements or entity stipulations. Some jurisdictions may require additional verification steps for high-stakes transactions like real estate transfers. Notaries’ jurisdiction and laws governing notarial acts may also impose restrictions. Users should seek legal advice or check relevant authorities for limitations before online notarization.

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