Millennials Want Digital Closing Millennials Want Digital Closing

Millennials Want a Digital Home Buying Experience

In fact, they expect it.

Everything changes: cars, fashion… you name it. One thing that stands the test of time, though? The fact that buying a home is a multi step process. Find a realtor, attend showings, make an offer, get paperwork, search ‘notary near me‘… well, you get it.

eMortgages aren’t a new way to consolidate this process, however; Remote notarization showed up in 2011! RON Platforms ensure encrypted transfer and secure audio/video sessions.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Not savvy with the digital real estate market yet? Don’t worry, you will be soon. More than half of US States already passed eNotarization legislation with the rest close behind.

Heads will know about 100% digital closings.

Selling your home? You may find you have almost double the paperwork than a buyer, since you’re likely in the process of purchasing a new home. Cut down time spent on appointments, it’s an easy yes for anyone buying and/or selling a home. Shifts to online platforms are trending globally. It’s only a matter of time before eMortgages monopolize the market!

Home buying carries with it a sense of excitement. Paperwork needs to be prepared quickly and requires a notary, this can be inconvenient and expensive.Choosing an eMortgage gets rid of seven days and BlueNotary even offers free plans to get you started!

Streamlined Process

Remove inconveniences like coordinating schedules and relieve some stress. There’s enough to worry about buying a home! Documents can be transferred instantly during eNotarization sessions, all while keeping all records secure.

Digital real estate markets reduce human error via specialized algorithms and software, ensuring correction completion every time. And of course, all information is secured via bank-grade encryption on a blockchain ledger. eNotarization saves everyone time and money. So what’re you waiting for?

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