The Most Commonly Notarized Documents can be found and Notarized here! The Most Commonly Notarized Documents can be found and Notarized here!

Most Commonly Notarized Documents

A List of The Most Commonly Notarized Documents

Name Notarization Type Description
Acknowledgements GNW Sworn statement that a signer of a doc is who they say they are, understand the contents of the signing document, and choose to do so of their own free will.
Affidavit GNW Written statement signed before a Notary by a person who swears or affirms to the Notary that the statement is TRUE
Authorization to Add/Remove Name from Title GNW Required to add or remove a person to a title
Bank Transfer Forms GNW Form to transfer money from one bank to another
Bill of Sale GNW A certificate of transfer of personal property
Contract GNW Legally binding document that typically involves the exchange of goods, services and money
Designating Beneficiaries GNW For Retirement Account
Or Death Benefit
EDGAR form GNW Filings, registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms necessary for publicly-traded companies and certain individuals
Grant Deed GNW A document transferring ownership of property and requiring notarization
Handgun Permits GNW A license to carry a handgun on one’s person
Jurats GNW Act in which a Notary Certifies having watched the signing of a document and administered an oath or affirmation
Lien Release GNW Delivered after a Lien debt has been fulfilled
Living Trust (Revocable Trust) GNW Legal Document that establishes trust for assets you wish to transfer into it.
Issuance for US Passport for a Child (DS-11) GNW Required for all children under age 16 in the US. Renewal can be done with Form DS-82
Medical Authorization for Minors GNW Form that gives doctores to treat your child under specified conditions
Motor Vehicle Bill of Service GNW Bill sent to customer by another party billing for a motor vehicle
Notice of Lien GNW A claim on property to ensure payment of a debt
Power of Attorneys GNW Authority to act for another person in specidied or all legal or financial matters
Promissory Note GNW Written promise by one party to make a payment of money at a date in the future
PS-1583 GNW Application for PO Box, Postal Box, or Virtual Mailbox
Signature Witnessing GNW Verifies authenticity of a person signing a document
Title Applications/Vehicle Certificate of Ownership GNW Legal form, establishing a person or business as the legal owner of a vehicle.
Travel Authorization for Minors GNW Form that authorizes children to travel with people other than their parents or divorced parents
Unclaimed Property Inquiry GNW Official form to inquire about possible Unclaimed Property
Will GNW Legal Document containing a person’s wishes about disposition of personal property after death; short for “last will and testament”
Cash Loan This one’s not really a loan as it is being bought cash, but it requires many of the same grouped documents
HELOC Loan A Home Equity Line of Credit, allows you to draw funds as needed and repay the money at a variable interest rate.
Loan Packages (as seller/borrower) Loan May include an Application, Credit Report, Deposit and Employment Verifications, Appraisal, Loan Estimate, Preliminary Title Report, and other Loan Documents
Refinance Loan Forms required to finance something again, usually with a new loan or at a lower rate of interest
List of Most Commonly Notarized Documents

GNW = General Notary Work
Loan = Loan Signing Package

Were there any documents that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

The Fastest Notarization Process

For the last few hundred years getting a notarization has been more or less a pain. You had to find a local notary, then arrange your schedule and finally go and travel to meet the notary.

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How Does BlueNotary Work?

Using a service like BlueNotary will save you time and money since you don’t need to find and schedule with an in-person notary. Plus, the BlueNotary platform is secure and simple.

We can break down the whole process into three steps:

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  2. Follow the Directions in your Email and upload your Document + ID
  3. Meet the Commissioned Notary and complete your signing

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List of The Most Commonly Notarized Documents
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