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How to Become an Online Notary in Virginia

Notaries are an impartial third party who can certify legal documents. Becoming an eNotary provides a number of benefits for those looking to expand their career or use the service as part-time work.

Is eNotarization legal in Virginia?

Yes, Virginia allows remote online notarization (RON). The state has long had these laws and standards of practice. Although each county may have different regulations, the state has put in place the rules and regulations necessary to allow for notaries who work remotely.

Virginia made things easier on signers by being early adopters to biometrics laws. No surprise given it was the very first state to legalize RON. They’re on the cutting edge when compared to other states.

What are the Basics?

In order to become an online notary in Virginia, you must first meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Virginia resident.
  • Complete at least 20 hours of approved notary and e-notary educational courses.
  • Register as a notary with the state and submit your official application.
  • Purchase official equipment and supplies required for electronic notarizations.
  • Attest to an oath of office before a circuit court clerk

Once these requirements are met, you can begin offering your services as an online notary in Virginia.

What to Expect From the Job?

As in other professions, the amount of work an online notary receives can vary widely. Generally the busiest times for notaries are during tax season, when documents such as tax returns need to be signed and notarized. However, there is also a steady demand throughout the year from businesses and individuals in need of authentication services, especially if you can find a niche.

It is also important to take into account that online notarizations are often cheaper than in-person notarizations when travel and expenses are factored in, allowing your services to be more attractive to potential customers.

How Much Can You Expect To Make?

When you create an account with Blue Notary to get started, you can expect to earn around $25 for online notarizations. As you gain more experience and have notarized more documents, you will be able to earn even more by taking on loan signing packages. Like all businesses, you get out what you put in, so the more you are willing to network and market yourself, the better and easier your job will be.

BlueNotary also has the option for you to Invoice Your Clients Outside of BlueNotary at your rates at a cost of just $2 per notarization for their Pro-Hybrid members. This makes your earnings very flexible depending on your abilities.

Can I do Online Notary?

Virginia is one of the most progressive states in the union for notaries. They were the first state to legalize Remote Online Notarization and are also one of the first states to start using Biometric Verification methods.

As an online notary, you get to decide when and where you work. Blue Notary is the best option for notaries looking to build their own business as we work to help keep your prices competitive.

We also make it super easy for you to onboard and start notarizing documents online. We have training videos and a signing simulator to get you comfortable with the process. We also have a facebook group full of notaries to help you get through the process and walk the path they’ve helped trail before.

You are able to earn money with each document you notarize and work at your own schedule. In order to create a free account and get started all you need to do is register.