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What Is Notary Language?

Notary Language is a specialized legal language that allows attorneys, notaries public, and other individuals involved in the real estate […]

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What is an “Attorney-in-Fact”?

An Attorney-in-Fact is someone appointed to act on someone’s behalf. They are authorized to make decisions and complete tasks, like […]

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25 Need to Know Notary Terms

Why it’s Important to Know Notary Terms Knowing these terms will help you prepare for your notarial job, ensure that […]

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How to Write and Notarize an Affidavit

This article is a 5 step guide on how to Write and Process an Affidavit. 1. Start with the Affidavit […]

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Best 4 Types of Power of Attorney

(Durable, Medical, General, Limited or Special) Looking after a loved one requires a great deal of effort. You have to […]