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What Is Notary Language?

Notary Language is a specialized legal language that allows attorneys, notaries public, and other individuals involved in the real estate or business transaction process to communicate legally binding documents. It is used to create documents such as deeds, contracts, powers of attorney, mortgages, releases, affidavits, and more. It also helps ensure that all parties understand […]

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What is an “Attorney-in-Fact”?

An Attorney-in-Fact is someone appointed to act on someone’s behalf. They are authorized to make decisions and complete tasks, like signing legal documents. While usually not an actual lawyer, an attorney-in-fact can even appear for the signee in Court. How do you become an Attorney-in-Fact? Their signee grants them “Power of Attorney” (POA)! Starting to […]

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25 Need to Know Notary Terms

Why it’s Important to Know Notary Terms Knowing these terms will help you prepare for your notarial job, ensure that the document is properly signed and certified, and provide additional security measures so that documents are valid, legally binding, and protected from fraud or misuse. As with any legal process, it’s always best to consult […]

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How to Write and Notarize an Affidavit

This article is a 5 step guide on how to Write and Process an Affidavit. 1. Start with the Affidavit basics. Begin your affidavit by stating who you are, and that you’re over 18 years old (or, in some cases, 16 years old). Explain why you’re writing this affidavit, and include any relevant facts or […]

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Best 4 Types of Power of Attorney

(Durable, Medical, General, Limited or Special) Looking after a loved one requires a great deal of effort. You have to manage their medications, transport them to appointments, handle their daily activities, and complete their household chores. In addition to these, you might also need to handle their finances. Although you might never think about a […]