In the realm of notarization, many people tend to overlook a crucial aspect of the profession: the ability to serve clients beyond state borders. As a Florida commissioned notary, I have discovered an incredible opportunity to expand my clientele globally, thanks to the flexibility of virtual notarization. In this article, I want to emphasize the potential and advantages of offering virtual notarization services, particularly for clients located in different countries. By understanding the possibilities and considering the untapped market, notaries can explore new horizons and enhance their businesses.


Unlocking Global Potential:

Although as a notary, you are bound by the regulations and limitations of the state in which you are commissioned, your clients can be located anywhere in the world. Let’s use Florida as an example, where I am commissioned. While I cannot notarize documents pertaining to properties in foreign countries, I can provide my services for clients based in other countries who require notarization for U.S.-based documents. This opens up a vast opportunity to cater to a diverse range of clients, regardless of their geographical location.

Eliminating Hurdles for International Clients:

Consider a scenario where a client in Portugal needs to notarize a bill of sale for a property in Alabama. Instead of going through the cumbersome process of seeking a U.S. notary in Portugal, they can rely on virtual notarization. By leveraging the BlueNotary platform , you can seamlessly notarize the document for the client in Portugal, thus saving them time, effort, and potentially hefty fees associated with consulate or embassy visits. We offer Biometric Screening for foreign internationals who do not have a footprint within the United States. With the robust security of virtual notarization , you can be rest assured it is a more secure solution.

The Marketing Advantage:

Virtual notarization presents a unique marketing proposition. By promoting your services as a virtual notary, you position yourself as a valuable resource for clients around the world. This can attract individuals who require U.S. notarization services but face challenges in finding local notaries or dealing with time-sensitive transactions. By tapping into different time zones, you can even structure your business to specifically target clients in specific countries, such as Malaysia or other regions with a demand for U.S. notaries.

Exploring an Untapped Market:

The concept of virtual notarization for international clients remains relatively unexplored. This untapped market presents immense potential for enterprising notaries looking to expand their businesses and offer services beyond traditional boundaries. By conducting research, refining your marketing strategies, and positioning yourself as a go-to resource for international notarizations, you can tap into a unique niche and establish a strong foothold in this burgeoning field.



Virtual notarization offers notaries a remarkable opportunity to transcend geographical limitations and cater to clients worldwide. By embracing this innovative approach, notaries can position themselves as trusted resources for international notarizations. The global reach of virtual notarization is an untapped market waiting to be explored, and by capitalizing on it, notaries can expand their clientele, enhance their businesses, and unlock new avenues for growth. It’s time to seize this opportunity and embark on an exciting journey of serving clients beyond borders.

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