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The Unstoppable Rise of Online Notarization

While a 2022 report by Solidifi suggests that only 19% of consumers currently prefer Remote Online Notarization (RON) to traditional in-person closings, there’s A LOT more to the story. Various other research shows that the acceptance and demand for RON are growing. In this article I aim to provide a nuanced understanding of why RON […]

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Demystifying MISMO Approval

As a new notary entering the evolving world of real estate transactions, you’re likely to come across a range of industry terms and acronyms. One term that holds particular importance is “MISMO.” In this article, we’ll break down what MISMO is, why it matters to notaries, and how platforms like BlueNotary have earned MISMO approval […]

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Witness Conflict of Interest: Navigating Potential Conflicts with Care

I wanted to bring your attention to something that has been brought up a couple different times during my experiences with loan signings. On many occasions, the realtors volunteer to be the witness for the home closing. While realtors can undoubtedly provide valuable insights into the processes, it’s essential to understand the potential conflicts of […]

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So What Exactly is a Notarial Certificate?

As you conduct business or personal matters that involve legal documents, you may come across the requirement to obtain a notarial certificate to verify identities or witness the signing of important paperwork. A notarial certificate is an official document issued by a notary public to authenticate the identity of individuals signing critical legal forms. Notaries […]

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How to Get Tattoo and Piercing Minor Consent Forms Notarized

So you’re a minor and you want a SpongeBob tattoo but you need to get a minor consent form notarized first? We can help you get that notarized online in less than 10 minutes. Maybe you’re leaning towards getting a piercing. We can assist with Notarizing Minor Consent Forms for Piercings too. Conversely, maybe you […]

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Streamline Notarization with BlueNotary’s Business Pro Plan

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency and convenience are paramount. For offices with frequent notarization needs, BlueNotary’s Business Pro Plan emerges as a game-changer. Offering a comprehensive set of features and benefits, this plan is tailored to optimize the notarization process for businesses, saving both time and resources. Understanding the Business Pro Plan BlueNotary’s Business […]

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Notarized Affidavits: Why, When and How

As an official document verified by a notary public, an affidavit carries legal weight and significance. Knowing when and how to properly notarize an affidavit is important for ensuring its validity and enforceability. You want to make sure you understand the key reasons for notarizing an affidavit, the correct process to follow, and how to […]

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Téléchargement de la pièce d’identité et guide d’utilisation de la biométrie: BlueNotary

Vous êtes sur le point de faire votre première notarisation virtuelle. Félicitations ! La Biometrics est un processus de collecte d’informations afin de vérifier votre identité. Cela se fait en répondant à quelques questions, en téléchargeant votre pièce d’identité et une analyse faciale. Voici à quoi vous attendre: 1. Écran de démarrage Vous arriverez sur […]

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Signing Services and RON

The Lucrative Realm of Notary Loan Signing Agents: Unraveling the Role of Signing Services In the realm of financial transactions, the role of notary loan signing agents has emerged as a highly sought-after and profitable profession. These agents play a pivotal role in facilitating loan signing appointments, ensuring the authentication and legality of important documents. […]

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What Is a Wet Signature and When Do You Need One?

Have you ever wondered why you still have to sign paperwork with a pen when everything else can be done electronically? Meet the wet signature, a handwritten signature that uses ink on paper. Even in today’s digital world, wet signatures are still occasionally needed for important legal documents like closing on a house, signing a […]