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What Is a Notary Acknowledgement?

A Notary Acknowledgement is a certification that an individual has signed a document and understands the content, intent, and implications of the document. A Notary Public, who must be commissioned in the state where the signing occurred, verifies both the identity of the signer and their understanding of what they are signing. The Notary Public then seals the document with an official stamp and signature to certify that all of the requirements for a valid signing were met.

A Notary Acknowledgement can be used for a wide variety of documents including deeds, powers of attorney, contracts, and other legal documents. The Notary Acknowledgement is a crucial part of verifying the legality and authenticity of a document, as it ensures that all parties understand what they are signing.

How to Get a Notary Acknowledgement

A notary acknowledgment is a formal declaration made by an individual known as a notary public. The acknowledgment certifies that the signer of a document has appeared before the notary, personally acknowledged the contents of the document and executed it as his/her free act and deed.

In order to get a notary acknowledgement, you must:

  1. First locate a notary public in your area and arrange a meeting
  2. Go and meet said notary physically
  3. Once you have found a notary, you must present the document to be acknowledged to them.
  4. The notary will then ask you several questions regarding the document in order to verify that you understand it and are signing of your own free will.

Once all requirements for a valid signing have been met, the notary will stamp and sign your document to certify that all necessary steps were completed. It is important to remember that a notary acknowledgement must be performed in person and can’t be done through the mail. There is one exemption.

How to Get a Notary Acknowledgement Much Faster

For the last few hundred years getting a notarization has been more or less a pain. Well things are finally changing. You can get documents notarized at the speed of the modern world now.

After recently seeing mass legalization from the Covid pandemic, online notarization has become an excellent option for anybody looking to get their legal documents processed faster.

Online notarization companies like BlueNotary offer fast, secure document authentication and notary services from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is scan or upload a copy of your document online, agree to their terms and conditions, provide valid identity proof (such as a driver’s license or biometrics), enter payment details, and you’ll be able to get your documents notarized within minutes.

What is a Notary Acknowledgement Certificate look like?

A notarial certificate will include specific notarial wording that verifies the signature of the signer(s) and includes the signature, title, and seal or stamp of the notary.

The certificate wording varies by state, but will generally include information such as the jurisdiction in which it was signed, a statement that confirms that the document was sworn to before or acknowledged before an authorized official, and other details. In some cases, the notary may also include a statement verifying their authority to perform the notarization.

Oregon Notary Certificate
Official Notary Certificate Example from Oregon

How Does BlueNotary Work?

Using a service like BlueNotary will save you time and money since you don’t need to find and schedule with an in-person notary. Plus, the BlueNotary platform is secure and simple.

We can break down the process into three simple steps.

  1. Enter your email on the front page of
  2. Follow the Directions in your Email and upload your Document + ID
  3. Meet a Commissioned Online Notary immediately and complete your signing

The entire process start to finish can take less than 10 minutes for a Notary Acknowledgement. BlueNotary even makes it easy for foreigners with their biometric identity proofing.

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