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RON Comparison: BlueNotary vs. NotaryLive

BlueNotary vs. NotaryLive Notarization is moving online!  In a time of horse and carriage, where one would have to ask their neighbor how to find a “notary near me”, the local notary public would thrive! As long as they were consistent and diligent within their community.  But then came the cars, and the suburbs, and […]

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My Dead-Simple eMortgage Experience

A Match Made in eReal Estate Heaven I did something I thought was impossible – I bought a house. I turned thirty-three this year and, like other younger millennials, reached a point where apartment life didn’t make sense. Starting out, I felt behind the curve. Did I wait too long? Turns out, the average age […]

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Millennials Want a Digital Home Buying Experience

In fact, they expect it. Everything changes: cars, fashion… you name it. One thing that stands the test of time, though? The fact that buying a home is a multi step process. Find a realtor, attend showings, make an offer, get paperwork, search ‘notary near me‘… well, you get it. eMortgages aren’t a new way […]

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Do Hospitals Have Notaries?

Hearing “notary” may seem only for things like divorce paperwork, but notarization needs expand far beyond that! Many are also needing a notary in medical settings. Whether it’s an emergency admittance or updating regular paperwork, notaries will always be involved.  The most common documents completed in a medical center are:  Remote Online Notarization (RON) allows […]

Become a Notary Business Efficiency Notary Platform Comparisons Notary Platforms Remote Online Notarization

BlueNotary vs. Secured Signings

It’s the land vs. the land down under. Secured Signings (out of New Zealand) vs. BlueNotary (out of Chicago) in a showdown of who has the best Remote Online Notarization Platform. You might have stumbled across this article while looking for a “notary near me“. Well look no further, we’ve got two platforms that do […]