What to know before you get Notarized What to know before you get Notarized

7 Things to Do Before You Get a Doc Notarized

There are more than a few things you need to know before you go about getting your legal documents notarized. We’ve made a list to help get you and your notarization on the right track.

1. Make sure you have the right documents:

It is important to make sure that the documents you are providing for notarization are correct and complete before attempting to get them notarized. This means double-checking all of the information, including names, addresses, dates, signatures, and other relevant details.

2. Find a Notary Public:

Before getting a document notarized, you need to find a Notary Public who is qualified and willing to act as an impartial witness for the signing of your documents. Most banks, post offices, libraries, and other public institutions will have a list of notaries available in their area. You can also get documents notarized faster and easier online for the same price.

3. Make sure you have photo identification:

When you arrive or log onto to get your documents notarized, make sure that you bring a valid form of photo identification with you. This is important for the Notary Public to be able to verify your identity and ensure that the document is being signed by the right person.

4. Make sure all signatures are in place:

Before getting a document notarized, make sure that all signatures are present and accounted for. This includes those of the person signing the document as well as any witnesses who may need to be present.

5. Understand the cost:

Most notaries charge a fee for their services, so it is important to find out what this cost will be before you commit to getting the document notarized. Make sure that you are aware of any additional fees or charges, such as travel expenses or fees for extra stamps.

6. Understand what is being notarized:

Before getting a document notarized, it is important to make sure that you understand exactly what the notary is witnessing and verifying. Notaries are there to confirm that all signatures on a document are genuine, so they cannot verify or attest to any of the content included in the document. They are also not responsible for making sure that the information is accurate or legally binding. It is important to make sure you understand the purpose and contents of the document before getting it notarized. This will help to ensure that your documents are valid and properly witnessed.

7.Check you Local Laws!

It’s important to check with the jurisdiction of wherever you are submitting your document onto precisely what kind of notarization is required for your documents. Different areas will have different requirements, so you’ll want to make sure that you comply with any local laws or regulations. Additionally, if there are any legal implications associated with the document being notarized, it’s best to seek advice from a lawyer and your Secretary of State so that you don’t put yourself at risk.

Lastly, make sure to keep a copy of the notarized document for your records. This can be helpful in case there are any future issues with the document, as you will have proof that it was notarized. Online Notarization will do this automatically for you as well as keep a video recording of the meeting for extra validation. Best of luck and if you need a notarization done within 20 minutes, notarizing online is the only way to go!

Get your documents notarized online now!
Get your documents notarized online now!