All You Need to Know About Notary New York All You Need to Know About Notary New York

All You Need to Know About Online Notary New York

New York City, a bustling hub of commerce and opportunity, offers unique challenges and rewards for businesses, including those already familiar with notary services. This blog post is tailored for organizations that have navigated the notarial landscape of the Big Apple. We delve deeper than the basics, exploring advanced facets of notary New York.

Are you looking to optimize your notarial processes, understand the latest regulations, or explore the full spectrum of benefits that a notary can bring to your business in this dynamic city? If these questions resonate with your business needs, this blog is an essential read, providing insights and answers specifically for enterprises with established notary services in New York City.

What is the eligibility to become a notary in New York  

This is the foremost thing to know if you can proceed further or not. To become a notary in New York, primarily, your age should be minimum of 18 years or above. Secondly, you should be a U.S. citizen residing in New York. Plus, the candidate must not have any criminal charges because being a notary means being part of a legal system.   


What does an eligible candidate have to do to become an Online Notary New York?   

The eligible candidate must take the following steps to become an Online Notary in New York

  1. Maintain Your Current Commission: Ensure you have an active commission as a traditional Notary Public.
  2. Select a Technology Provider that meets the states standards: Choose an electronic notarization technology that aligns with New York’s state regulations.
  3. Submit An Application: Complete and submit the required application along with a $60 fee to the Secretary of State.
  4. Submit an Exemplar Document: This is an example of a document notarized from your selected platform
  5. Acquire and Maintain the Mandatory Notary Journal: Most Online Notary platforms will provide this.

How to become a Traditional New York Notary?  

A prerequisite to becoming an Online Notary is obtaining a Traditional New York Notary Commission.  The main steps you have to accomplish are to fill out the application form, and you will get an examination date from there, and to appear in the exam, you are supposed to pay $15. You can pay the amount by cheque or money order to the Department of State.   

What do I require to start a full-time notary?   

Leaping to start your own business is exciting but also daunting. 70% of the full-time mobile notaries start earning profit within two years of setting up the business. The cost of starting a notary business is low in comparison to other careers, but success still depends on the effort you can put into it. You need to plan your budget, marketing, and work schedule so you can keep your game up.   

Is it Important to Start as Full-Time Notary?  


No, it is not necessary to start a notary full-time notary. Many people have day jobs that pay them well, but they want to own a notary. Therefore, if you want to start a notary with your day job, a remote notary is the best option because you can give a particular time to the client as per your convenience as you have to go to the client’s place for this service. Also, you can start your online notary in which you can work from anywhere and everywhere. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection. It merely takes 15 minutes to complete the notary process online, so it is time convenient.   

Essential Supplies  

To start a business, you need proper tools to do your work efficiently. As a notary in New York, you must have a journal, stamp, and a notary seal. If you are thinking, why a journal? It helps in maintaining the record of clients you have attended and the documents you have notarized. The record can come in handy in case someone files a lawsuit against you.   

You will have to submit documents like your commission proof and other documents verifying your details to get the seal. Make sure you sign the documents correctly, and if you include your fingerprints, then they should also be on point.   

Who can become an online notary in New York?   

New York only allows its licensed notaries to perform electronic notarization. With the Blue Notary Electronic Notary platform, notaries get empowered to electronically notarize a document or set of documents without using paper or rubber stamps. The notary is “approved” by the Secretary of State. Many banks, law firms, and other organizations that deal with financial or real estate transactions employ people licensed to act as notaries. Being a notary service provider, you must know all the notary laws so that you know how to act in a particular situation.   

Can a Notary Renew its License?  

A notary can renew one’s license 90 days before its expiration date. The expiration date of your license is printed on the license only. Renewal forms are mailed approximately 90 days prior to the license expiration date. One has to complete and submit the renewal form to the State office where you are licensed within six months of the expiration date.  

Do I Need to Take Training to Become Notary New York?  

No, you do not need to take any training course. Just make sure you understand the Notary Public License Law that is available on the New York Department of State’s website. You can be ready to become a notary New York within a few days by just reading and understanding things on your own. The only thing you need to worry about is taking care of your New York Notary Exemplar.


Blue Notary is the most universally approved and certified secure e-notary platform provider in all states for licensed notaries to enable electronic notarization. We’re here to lead your was as your trusted e-notary service.   

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