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Why and How to Become an Online Notary

Starting a notary service of your own can be an exciting job, but it demands a lot of experience and certifications. Notaries or public notaries are a small but essential part of the legal system. It acts as a witness in signing oaths, affidavits, and official documents such as contracts, deeds, depositions, and statements. By having a document certified by a notary, the government can be sure that the person who has signed the document is the right person, that the person is competent aware of the procedure and the person signs of one’s free will.   

To verify such documents, the notary is now not only available in physical form, but you can also use it online and remotely. Are you also interested in becoming an online notary? If yes, then this guide is for you in which we will enlist everything you need to know to become an online notary. Every state has different criteria for becoming an online notary. This is a general guide that you can stick to in most of the states. But before we begin with ‘how,’ let us first tell you ‘why’ you should become an online notary.   

There will be no time restriction 

When you become an online notary, you do not have to work for particular hours because you can deal with clients at any time with mutual understanding. Also, you do not need to find a place to put your set up because now your laptop and good internet connection are enough for you.   

Handsome Salary  

Since notaries are in high demand, the reward for being an online notary can be reasonable. Every state has its own notary price, and one can earn quite good money because you save money on setup and traveling. Online notaries can charge significantly more for their services for larger and more complex documents, such as a mortgage agreement.   

When you are clear with reasons to become an online notary, let’s begin with the guide on how to become an online notary.   

Make Sure You are Qualified  

Meet all the requirements to become a notary in your state. In most countries, the basic requirement to become an online notary is to be over 18 years of age and you should be a legal resident of the state in which you reside. If you have any kind of criminal record or if you have spent time in prison for no matter what reason will work against you in most of the states.   

Communication is an asset in every business. Therefore, you should know how to speak English so that there is no communication gap. If you have passed all these hurdles, you will need a valid driver’s license to become an online notary. Also, provide your employment record for review. The last thing is to ensure that a surety bond is in place.   

Complete Your Application Form  

To get something, you always have to go through a form. So, fill out the form to become an online notary in the state. You can find the form in a notary near you or from the state office’s website. Use your legal name throughout the application and make sure you enter your personal details, same as those that are available on your other documents. Fees to fill this form may vary from $10 to $60. So, find it out and pay the fees with a form to register.   

Educational Criteria  

To become something, your educational criteria are always considered. Therefore, get ready for a state’s essential notary test when you think of becoming an online notary. Well, not every test asks for this test’s score to consider your application because those states ask for mandatory course work in which you will learn every significant thing that you need to master under your state notary laws. Course training will charge you some amount based on which state you reside in.   

Appear for Background Check  

One does not have to go for a background check in every state, but it is mandatory to submit yourself where it is necessary. It is a task to ensure that you do not have any criminal history or fraud because an online notary is a challenging and legal job, so the authorities want to be sure. Third-party screeners do the background check, so it takes around two to three weeks to get the results.   

Time to Collect the Essentials  

When you pass the application process now, you have to collect the tools of your job that will define you, and you will have to keep them as safe as a warrior’s sword. The first thing you will get is a stamp that you will attest to the documents, and the other thing is a journal in which you are expected to record your clients. Well, these tools vary from state to state, so your state may offer you something else that you will soon find out.   

Take an Oath  

The last step to officially become an online notary is to take an oath. There are high chances that you will be asked to take an oath in person in the county clerk’s office. Swearing virtually or via text format is not considered legitimate. After taking the oath, you will need to post your bond at your county clerk’s office.   

This entire process to become an online notary takes around six weeks, as the procedure is different in all the states.   


So, this is how you can become an online notary. Gather your documents to jump into the process. If you are looking for valuable guidance to become an online notary, visit Blue Notary now.   

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