Remote Online Notaries Checklist


Mastering the art of a smooth notarization process is essential to ensure that no steps are overlooked. Feel free to tailor this checklist to your specific requirements and incorporate any additional steps that reflect your unique approach to notarization. By adhering to a well-structured process, you can enhance the reliability, efficiency, and professionalism of each notarization.

  1. Greet the customer: Begin the session by introducing yourself and welcoming the customer to the remote online notarization process.
  2. Look over the document: Carefully review the document that requires notarization to ensure that it is complete and ready for signing.
  3. Identify the customer: Verify the identity of the customer by following the prescribed identification process. Confirm their identity through a government-issued ID or other accepted identification methods.
  4. Right-click and save if needed: If necessary, save a digital copy of the document for record-keeping purposes. Ensure compliance with data protection and privacy regulations.
  5. Follow the script: Follow the notarization script provided by your jurisdiction or organization. Ask the required questions and administer any necessary oaths or affirmations.
  6. Fill out blanks: Assist the customer in completing any blanks or fields within the document. Ensure all required information is accurately provided.
  7. Have the client sign: Instruct the customer to sign the document using an electronic signature tool or method. Ensure they understand the implications and legal binding nature of their signature.
  8. Place stamp and notarize: Apply the digital notary stamp or seal to the document as required by your jurisdiction. Electronically attach the notary certificate or acknowledgment.
  9. Finish the script: Conclude the notarization process by completing the remaining steps of the notarial script, such as confirming the accuracy of the document and the customer’s consent.
  10. Finalize: Review the completed notarization, ensuring all required elements are in place. Confirm that all necessary signatures, seals, and information are properly included. Save a final copy of the notarized document for your records.

By following this checklist, you can ensure a systematic and thorough approach to conducting remote online notarizations, providing a secure and efficient service to your customers.

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