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It’s an API world and we’re all just living in it.  API’s are everywhere you look nowadays, you just might not have realized it yet. 

Here’s just a couple examples when API is used:

API is used to share flight info between travel sites.
Google Maps’ API is used by Uber and other rideshare programs. 
It’s used to embed music and YouTube videos within webpages
API is used every time you pay with PayPal.

API is an acronym and it stands for Application Programming Interface.  You can think of it like a group of USB ports that allow software to connect and then build on top of each other.


You know this one.  You use them every day.  In fact, according to, people use apps for 4-5 hours per day on their phone and tablets alone.  That is not even referring to apps on the computer* or applications used as solutions for enterprise businesses.  These apps could be used to send data, check inventory levels of the housing market, or anything really.

*(btw, why is it okay that we just stopped calling programs on computers programs and started calling them apps? Who decided that? In 2008 on my computer I used a Word Processor Program, in 2020 I used a Word Processing Application and literally nothing changed but the general publics confusion level, ok. end rant; moving on.)


Programming is essential for any software. This is done by the developers. To put this another way, you can’t make a new application if you have no developers.  They write the code and design the software and applications.


This is not the interface or dashboard of how users interact with the application.  It is how software interacts with the interface.

With Remote Online Notary API developers don’t need to understand any of the underlying code behind the software that they are hooking up to.  They just need to understand it hooks up.

Just as API use has invaded the world of your mobile phone, it is also flooding into more traditional and somewhat less forward minded businesses like Finance.

“Fintech” is a fancy term that’s thrown around.  How many fintech companies are actually building something that people really need?  In the last few years there have been literally thousands of new crypto coins launched and we are still not back to the same prices as when Matt Damon and friends announced “Fortune Favors the Brave” back in 2021.
Matt Damon then.
Matt Damon Now.

RON API and the “Real-World” Finance Technology

New laws like the Secure Notarization Act and its predecessors are opening up real avenues for companies to use fintech and API to grow their companies. Avenues that don’t involve any crypto Ponzi schemes.
(Although blockchain technology may still play a part in the future of e-financing.👀)

Remote Online Notarization API access gives companies the ability to perform electronic notarizations without taking on all the extra cost of development or dealing with regulating agencies like MISMO (Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization). 

Title Companies can make themselves a faster vehicle with the addition of Remote Online Notarization API.

Here’s just a few ways Remote Online Notary API Integration allows for faster innovation within business.

Remote Online Notarization, Turnaround Speed, and Wider Margins

  1. Companies are able to increase turnaround time by over 48 hours when it comes from receiving funds form your lenders.
  2. They are also able to increase the rate at which their loan signing agents are able to close deals.
  3. With E-closing, companies save costs in post-closing reviews
  4. Autogenerated documentation and journaling
  5. Offices save time on document prep and corrections
  6. Access to our team of notaries 24/7 to get your deals closed now.

How Does Remote Online Notarization Benefit the Customer?

Perhaps more importantly, as it is always about the customer, clients doing the signings are now able to to notarize without having to get in their car, fight through traffic, and get to the office.

Let’s look at the example of a couple purchasing their first home. They’re excited. They’ve been working hard and are looking forward to building a better life for their family. In order to sign the documents, they need to come down to the Title Office. Here’s what too often occurs:

  1. Both husband and wife need to take Paid Time Off from work, (so they lose vacation days or money they could’ve been making if they don’t have PTO)
  2. Both need to drive to the signing location (They’re buying a new house and moving, this could be far or just annoying, and gas ain’t cheap)
  3. Husband and wife both feel crunched for time and feel rushed during the signing because they need to get back to work. (inadequate time to review contract)
  4. Small minute fees and time lost end up being more burden on the customer
  5. You just wasted your loyal customers hard earned time and money despite your best intentions.

RON API fixes this.

With RON, clients receive their pdf beforehand in a secure encrypted place and review the details of their contract in the privacy of their own home and alone with their team. That means neither party can edit the document after the title company sends an invitation, unless of course both parties agree to it.  The client can bore the document to their hearts content. Many clients may not feel comfortable rushing to sign a document without reading thoroughly, but do not want to waste the loan signing agent’s time.

What else does a RON API Connection do?

API also connects with other necessary API’s so that developers can compound their features.

One of the many benefits clients receive when business switch over to using an e-notary provider, is that Remote Online Notary API can connect with AWS Cloud Storage to keep your clients’ most important documents permanent. 

Even if they lose their hard copies, users will have access to their documents for at least 10 years as MISMO approved Remote Online Notary Software is required to automatically stores and back up data. 

It’s the perfect solution to get deals done with clients moving across state lines or digital nomads.

We believe quality Remote Online Notary Service Providers are there to build a solution that is right their client.  They provide consumers a perfectly tailored utility to add an extra layer of security to their most important documents and save everyone our most valuable asset. Our time.

With RON API, clients can now sign legal documents from anywhere with legally binding verification encrypted in every signature. Everything from power of attorney and estates to loan closings and estate transfers, clients can now be signed by clients without having to drive to a Notary or Title Office.

BlueNotary recommends building your business accordingly.

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