our dirtly little e closing secret our dirtly little e closing secret

Our Dirty Little E-Closing Secret

If the words “E-mortgage technology and notarizations” don’t mean anything to you, go ahead and close this message.  For today, my dear, we are reaching out to the community of people known as “E-Mortgage Romantics

If you get butterflies when I whisper the words “increase in loan production volume” or if you gasp at the word “proprietary” because it implies our software and all its inputs belong to you… you might just be be one of them.

To you, 10 years of cloud storage for all your loan transactions means “Tear down the walls of Jericho”

To us, “48 less hours for lenders to deliver funds” means until death do us part.

As they say in The Notebook.  “If you’re a bird, I’m a MISMO-approved industry grade future proof piece of in-house designed legal technology.”

A scene from The Notebook (2008) adapted from Nicholas Spark’s bestselling novel inspiring the “e-closing lovebird” in all of us.
The Everglowing Allure of an RON Software Lover

We’ll show you what you’re missing out on.  “Once you go the Remote Online Notarization track, you don’t go back” as the rest of the industry is already finding out.

You’ll forget all about your love affair with in-person notarization with the voluptuous advantages and packages that we can offer.  Our surprise box of features is built to tickle your fancy.

And it can all be our dirty little secret.  With our White Label software and customizable emails, your clients won’t even smell us on you.  Your loyal clients won’t even know you snuck out to upgrade your platform and play.

You can tell your signers that we’re just friends.  We help you feel better about yourself.  You know what they say, “RON is like the wind, you can’t see it, but boy does your MARGIN FEEL it.”

We don’t have a habit of giving free samples to non-paying customers.  It’s just no fun without the chase, but for a charming customer as yourself, we might be forced to break our own rules.

Let us be the paradise on your e-closing dashboard light.  Book a FREE demo today for a little software tease.😉🤣

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