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What is Remote Online Notarization?

When you have to file a document in court, it is mandatory to get it notarized. If you have never visited a notary before and you are looking for one to get your document notarized, why leave your place when you can notarize a document online? You heard it right. Nowadays, most states have started accepting online notarized documents. If you are new to the world of notarization and don’t know anything about Remote Online Notarization, then this blog is written in your interest. So, let’s begin.   

Remote Online Notarization  

As the name suggests, the document is notarized online using video-conferencing technology in remote online notarization. The client can share the documents with an online notary via a link, but the notarial act will be done through audio-video technology where the signer will sign the documents in front of a notary. The procedure hardly takes 10-15 minutes. When you choose Blue Notary to notarize your documents online, it takes less than 10 minutes.  

What Kind of Documents can RON Notarize?   

It depends on the state laws and what kind of documents they accept through Remote Online Notarization. However, on compiling most of the state’s RON rules, there are high chances that even if your state accepts RON notarized documents, they might have an exception on the mortgage and home equity loan transactions. So, before choosing the notarization method, kindly go through the notary guidelines your states offer.   

How do RON works?   

It is a pretty simple step that you have to do from the comfort of your home.   

Step 1: Get in touch with state notary or RON service provider to avail their services. To contact RON service providers, kindly book an appointment by going through the service provider’s calendar available on their website.   

 Step 2: Once you have booked an appointment, you will receive a link in your email. Upload the required documents on that link.   

Step 3: After receiving the documents, Remote Online Notary will verify your identity according to the requirements of the Notary’s commissioning state. For advanced verification, RON might ask you certain questions as per the rules in the statute.   

Step 4: After verifying your identity, the Notary will schedule a video conferencing call with you within 3-5 days. You will have to sign the document in front of the Notary being on camera. In remote online notarization, all your conversations with Notary will happen online.   

Step 5: Signatures will be done electronically, and a notary seal will also be attached electronically.   

Step 6: After taking your signature, Notary will perform the notarial act. To maintain the record, they will add the acknowledgments and the rest of the details in a journal.   

Step 7: You will receive notarized documents through a link immediately after performing the notarial act.   

How Can We Trust on RON?   

Remote Online Notarization is done precisely like an in-person notary, but the whole process takes place online via video conferencing. However, the entire conversation is recorded during video conferencing so that there is proof on both sides if something goes wrong, and they need to present the notarial act proof in the court.   


Blue Notary is one of the best Remote Online Notarizations that notarize in less than ten minutes. Hence, this is all about Remote Online Notarization that you must know to save time in notary works. Always choose the best for you.   

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