Are you a notary public attending the National Notary Association (NNA) Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona next week? While the convention will undoubtedly be the highlight of your trip and yes, if you’re local you can even perform Online Notarizations while you’re there, why not make the most of your time in this vibrant city and explore its unique offerings?

Must Visit Locations in ScottsDale, Arizona

Here are some must-visit spots in Scottsdale to consider adding to your itinerary.

1. Old Town Scottsdale:

Immerse yourself in the rich history and charm of Old Town Scottsdale. Take a leisurely stroll along the streets lined with art galleries, boutique shops, and Southwestern-inspired restaurants. Don’t forget to visit the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art for a dose of artistic inspiration.

2. McDowell Sonoran Preserve:

If you’re craving a nature escape, head to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. This expansive desert preserve offers numerous hiking and biking trails, allowing you to soak in the stunning desert landscape. Don’t miss the Gateway Trailhead, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the area.

3. Taliesin West:

Architecture enthusiasts will be delighted by a visit to Taliesin West, the former winter home and architectural school of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Take a guided tour to learn about Wright’s design principles and marvel at the integration of nature and architecture in this stunning desert setting.

4. Musical Instrument Museum:

Expand your cultural horizons at the Musical Instrument Museum. This unique museum showcases an impressive collection of musical instruments from around the world, offering a fascinating glimpse into the diverse musical traditions of different cultures.

5. Desert Botanical Garden:

Experience the beauty and diversity of the desert ecosystem at the Desert Botanical Garden. Take a leisurely walk through the trails to admire the breathtaking desert flora, including cacti, succulents, and wildflowers. Keep an eye out for special events and exhibits happening during your visit.

6. Scottsdale Fashion Square:

Indulge in some retail therapy at Scottsdale Fashion Square, one of the largest shopping malls in the Southwest. Explore a wide range of high-end and luxury brands, as well as local boutiques, and treat yourself to some stylish finds.

7. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West:

For architecture enthusiasts, a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West is a must. Take a guided tour of this iconic landmark, which was Wright’s winter home and architectural school. Explore the unique design elements and learn about Wright’s innovative approach to architecture.

8. Scottsdale ArtWalk:

Every Thursday evening, the Scottsdale ArtWalk takes place in the downtown arts district. Enjoy an evening of strolling through galleries, meeting local artists, and appreciating a diverse range of artwork. It’s a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Scottsdale’s thriving art scene.

Traveling Conclusions

Remember, while attending the NNA Convention is your primary focus, taking the time to explore Scottsdale will enrich your overall experience. These suggestions provide just a glimpse of what this vibrant city has to offer. So, make the most of your visit and create lasting memories in the beautiful surroundings of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Don't forget to bring your water to the NNA Conference!
Don’t forget to bring your water to the NNA Conference!