How to Become an Online Notary in South Carolina

How to Become an Online Notary in South Carolina

Let’s understand what it takes to become an online notary in South Carolina.

Is Online Notarization Legal in South Carolina?

Yes, thanks to the South Carolina Remote Online Notarization Act that was passed in May 2021

you now get documents notarized online in Carolina. This means no more waiting in line – just a quick online session with a commissioned notary.

How do online notarizations work?

The following is how an online notation session works:

  • The person needing the notarization will join you on a secure, authorized platform.
  • You need to perform identity confirmation before you can continue, just like public notaries.
  • Both you and the signer will authorize the documents digitally.
  • You can only notarize the document after seeing them sign electronically.
  • A special digital seal will be added to the document for extra security.
  • The entire session will be captured during the online notarization to prevent differences at a later time.

What are the Requirements to Become an Online Notary in South Carolina?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • At least 18 years old.
  • You must be an American who understands, writes, and speaks English fluently.
  • A clean criminal record is a key qualifier (unless there was a prior incident that was forgiven).
  • Make sure that you take online notary training from a trusted source like the BlueNotary Academy.
  • Choose a vendor from the state’s appointed list that offers the technology needed for  online notarizations.
  • Fill in the application for the South Carolina Secretary of State’s office and pay a one-time fee.

Complete all these steps, and you’ll be officially authorized to notarize documents online in South Carolina!

How to Become an Online Notary in South Carolina

Is training required to become an Online Notary in South Carolina?

Honestly, it depends on your state. In South Carolina, taking a course from an approved provider like the BlueNotary Academy is a must. This ensures you, the online notary, understand all the secure tricks of the trade for online notarizations. No cutting corners here!

Is there an exam for online notaries?

In South Carolina, the state-approved training course acts like your test drive. They gotta make sure you’re ready to become an online notary and can perform all of your duties properly. This course covers all the need-to-know stuff for secure and legal online notarizations. Basically, by completing the training, you’ll be an expert at handling online documents like a boss!

What technology and supplies do I need to perform online notarizations in South Carolina?

You don’t need a lot of technical setup to become an online notary in South Carolina! Here’s the bare minimum:

  • Any desktop or laptop with a webcam and mic will do the job. No need for an expensive computer. Furthermore, if your current setup isn’t webcam or mic-ready, you can easily plug in external ones.
  • A strong, reliable internet connection is key to avoiding any hiccups during your online notarizations. No one wants a frozen screen in the middle of important business!
  • The state provides a list of approved companies offering secure software platforms for online notarizations. 
  • Your chosen RON service provider will help you set up your digital toolkit. This includes things like an electronic journal to keep track of everything, a special e-seal to keep documents safe, and a digital certificate with your signature to prove it’s you. In short, they’ll walk you through everything!

Bottom line? Just a basic tech setup (computer, webcam, internet) will do the trick. 

Do I need another surety bond or E&O insurance policy in South Carolina?

Yes, online notaries in South Carolina need to get Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, but if you are a public notary and already have one, then you will not need to purchase a separate one. This insurance operates as a safety net to protect you against making an error, in person or on the web, as you are also taking notarizations. It cushions you against financial losses arising from being sued for mistakes.

What notarial acts can be performed virtually in South Carolina?

Here’s what you can notarize online in South Carolina as an online notary:

  • Taking acknowledgements.
  • Certifying a copy of a record.
  • Witnessing signatures.
  • Administering an oath or affirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Notarization in South Carolina

How much does it cost to register as an Online Notary in South Carolina?

It depends on the state, but it’s mostly between a few hundred (in US dollars). This includes the application fee, anything from the software from the vendor of your choice, and other equipment (for example, a webcam).

How much can I charge as an Online Notary in South Carolina?

Online notaries can charge $25 for each notarial act in South Carolina.

Will a document notarized remotely in South Carolina be recognized by other states?

Yes, a South Carolina document is 100% applicable in all US States.

How long will my online Notary commission last?

As long as you renew your existing notary commission every five years, your online notarization license stays legal. This means you can do both traditional and online notarizations. But remember, the Secretary of State can take away your online privileges if you break the rules, so play it safe!

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