How to Obtain an Electronic Exemplar for New York How to Obtain an Electronic Exemplar for New York

How to Get a New York Exemplar

What is the New York Electronic Notary Exemplar?

Exemplar is just a fancy dressed up way of saying “example”. 😉. In order to create the required Exemplar for the New York DoS, you will need an example document of your signature and seal that will be used conduct online notarizations.  Some court reporters will need Exemplars as well.

Where can I get an Electronic Notary Exemplar?

You will need to obtain your electronic Exemplar from your RON Service Provider. BlueNotary provides this free of charge.

Generally, New York notaries will need to choose a RON vendor that meets New York’s requirements for Remote Online Notarization Solutions.  This means the platform must meet Identity Proofing and Security standards set forth by the State. From there, the provider will need to supply the notary with a digital copy of their wet signature (as it appears on the notary’s traditional notary application) and an electronic seal.

The notary must have their exemplar items on the same PDF file to complete their electronic notary registration with the Secretary of State’s office.

How to obtain a New York Electronic Notary Exemplar from BlueNotary

When you sign up for BlueNotary, you are able to generate your Exemplar through the “New York SOS Document Generator” right away upon signing in through the bottom right of your dashboard.

Then you just need to add your eseal and your digital signature. In New York, we specifically recommend drawing or uploading your digital signature. Your digital certificate is automatically encrypted in your document.

Do you need an electronic notary exemplar to become a New York Online Notary?

Yes. You need your electronic notary exemplar to become commissioned. This is a necessary step to allow you to do notarizations online in New York. Good luck!

Here’s the full guide on How to become an Online Notary in New York.

General Question About New York Exemplar

What are the specific Identity Proofing and Security standards set forth by the State of New York for RON (Remote Online Notarization) vendors?

New York’s standards typically include robust identity verification processes like knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and biometric analysis, secure communication protocols, and the use of digital certificate technology for tamper-evident documents. Specific details can be found in official New York State guidelines and regulations on RON.

Can I use an existing digital signature and electronic seal, or do I need to create new ones specifically for the New York Electronic Notary Exemplar?

Existing digital signatures and electronic seals can be used if they meet New York’s legal requirements for notarization, including authenticity, security features, and proper attachment to documents. However, ensure they comply with New York’s specific standards for electronic notarization. Creating new ones through a compliant RON service provider may be simpler and more secure.

What steps should I take if my RON service provider does not offer an Electronic Notary Exemplar creation tool like BlueNotary does?

Consult with your service provider to explore options for creating an Exemplar or inquire about partnerships with platforms offering such services. If unavailable, manually create the Exemplar ensuring proper formatting and secure attachment of digital signature and seal in a single PDF file, as per New York State requirements. Verify with the New York Secretary of State’s office or legal counsel for compliance.

If you’re having any trouble, please consult our output simulator guides:

How to Become an Online Notary in New York
How to Become an Online Notary in New York
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