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The Unstoppable Rise of Online Notarization

While a 2022 report by Solidifi suggests that only 19% of consumers currently prefer Remote Online Notarization (RON) to traditional in-person closings, there’s A LOT more to the story. Various other research shows that the acceptance and demand for RON are growing. In this article I aim to provide a nuanced understanding of why RON […]

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Streamlining Mineral Rights Purchases

The acquisition of mineral rights has long been a complex and time-consuming process for companies operating in the energy and natural resources sector. As companies continue to expand their portfolios and invest in diverse properties, the need for efficient and secure purchase processes becomes paramount. To address these challenges, the integration of remote online notaries […]

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Untapped Markets: Public Adjusters

Welcome to the next part of our series on untapped markets! In this installment, we will delve into a unique industry that offers great potential for expanding your client base as a notary. By partnering with Public Adjusters, you can diversify your services beyond traditional loan signings and tap into a niche market that is […]