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Conversely, maybe you are a tattoo or piercing artist or studio. Here’s the part of the article that is for you.

As a tattoo artist or piercing specialist, you want to operate an ethical business and follow all laws regarding minors.   Many states require consent from a parent or guardian for any tattooing or piercing procedures performed on individuals under 18.

To properly obtain this consent, the forms must be notarized. Notarization proves the identity of the signing parent or guardian and helps ensure their signature is authentic and legally valid. If you fail to get these consent forms notarized, you could face legal penalties for illegally tattooing or piercing a minor.

The process for notarizing consent forms is straightforward but important to understand. Here is how you can get minor consent forms for tattoos and piercings notarized to legally and ethically operate your business.

How to Get a Minor’s Consent Form Notarized

To get a minor’s consent form notarized, you will need to follow a few important steps.

First, check your state’s requirements regarding notarizing minor consent forms for tattoos and piercings. Many states prohibit tattooing and piercing minors altogether, while others have additional consent and ID requirements. Make sure you understand your state’s laws before proceeding.

Next, obtain the proper consent form for minors in your state and have the minor’s parent or legal guardian fill it out. There is a downloadable version further down in this article.

The guardian will need to provide valid government-issued photo ID to prove their identity and relationship to the minor.

Then, schedule an appointment with a notary public to review and notarize the consent form. The notary will verify the guardian’s ID, confirm their understanding and consent, and notarize the document. Some states require the minor to be present as well, so check if their appearance is necessary.

Why Notarize a Piercing or Tattoo Minor Consent Form?

Notarizing the consent form adds an extra layer of protection for businesses providing tattoos and piercings to minors. Following the proper steps and ensuring all parties provide necessary documentation and consent helps facilitate a smooth process while upholding legal and ethical standards. With the notarized minor consent form in hand, you can then schedule the minor’s tattoo or piercing appointment.

Why Do Tattoo Shops and Piercing Studios Require Notarized Consent Forms?

To protect minors and comply with laws, tattoo shops and piercing studios require notarized consent forms for any client under the age of 18. Notarization serves as legal proof that a parent or guardian has given their permission for the procedure.

Why Notarization is Required

Notarization is the act of having a licensed notary public verify someone’s identity and witness them signing a document. For minors seeking tattoos or piercings, notarized consent forms prove that:

  • The adult signing the form has legal guardianship or custody of the minor. The notary checks government-issued ID to confirm this.
  • The adult understands what they are consenting to by reading and signing the form in the presence of the notary.
  • The consent is given willingly and not under duress. The notary can refuse to notarize a document if they suspect the signer does not understand or consent voluntarily.
  • The identity of the adult signing the form has been verified. The notary checks government-issued photo ID to ensure the correct person is giving consent.
  • An official record of the notarization is kept should any legal questions arise in the future regarding the validity of the consent. Online Notarization takes this one step further and video records the entire signing.

Notarized consent helps prevent minors from forging their parent’s or guardian’s signature to get tattoos or piercings without permission. It also protects studios by ensuring they have properly verified and documented legal consent for any procedures performed on clients under the age of majority.

FAQs: Minor Consent Forms for Tattoos and Piercings Notarized

To get tattoo and piercing consent forms notarized for minors, you will need to follow a few important steps.

First, check your state’s laws regarding tattoos and piercings for minors. Each state has specific regulations on the age at which minors can get tattoos or piercings with parental consent. For example, in Florida you must be at least 16 years of age. Make sure the minor meets your state’s minimum age requirement.

Second, obtain a consent form from the tattoo or piercing studio. The form should authorize the procedure for the minor and be signed by their parent or legal guardian. Some studios provide their own forms, but you can also find generic templates online to bring with you.

Third, have the parent or guardian provide government-issued photo identification to prove they have legal authority over the minor. A driver’s license, passport or military ID are acceptable forms of ID.

Fourth, schedule an appointment with a notary public to review and notarize the consent form. Both the parent or guardian and the minor must be present, and the parent or guardian will need to provide their ID. The notary will verify the IDs, witness the signatures on the consent form and notarize the document.

Lastly, bring the notarized consent form to the scheduled tattoo or piercing appointment. The notarized form, along with the minor’s government-issued ID, will allow the procedure to be performed legally with the authorization of the parent or guardian.

Some additional frequently asked questions regarding notarized consent forms for minors include:

Some additional frequently asked questions regarding notarized consent forms for minors include:

  • How much does it cost to notarize a consent form? Fees typically range from $25 to $30 per stamp.
  • How long is a notarized consent form valid? Consent forms are usually valid for a limited time, often 30 to 90 days. Check with your state laws and the studio’s policy.
  • Can a grandparent or legal guardian notarize the consent form? No, a third-party notary public must notarize the consent form and it must be signed by the minors legal guardians to make it legally valid. Family members do not qualify as impartial notaries.

Free Tattoo and Piercing Minor Consent Form for Download

How to Notarize Tattoo and Piercing Minor Consent Forms

This video is useful to any notary that is notarizing or minor/signer that is getting their Tattoo/Piercing Consent Form Notarized

Tattoo/Piercing Minor Consent Form Conclusions

In summary, getting tattoo and piercing consent forms notarized for minors is a necessary part of the process to ensure their safety and your business’s compliance with applicable laws.

While the specific steps and requirements vary in different states and counties, following the general guidelines outlined here will help guide you through the process. By getting familiarized with an online notary platform, requiring proper identification for the minor and guardian, and ensuring all parties understand what they are consenting to, you can feel confident you have taken appropriate measures to protect the wellbeing of your underage clients and operate within legal requirements.

With the proper precautions and paperwork in place, you’ll be able to provide safe and memorable experiences for your customers of all ages.