How to Notarize a Lease Guarantor Form How to Notarize a Lease Guarantor Form

How to Notarize a Lease Guarantor Form

What is a lease guarantor form?

A lease guarantor form is a legally binding document between the landlord and tenant that ensures the tenant’s rent and other obligations will be met. The form may also provide protection for both parties in case of disputes or breach of agreement.

Does a lease guarantor form need to be notarized? 

Yes, a lease guarantor form must be notarized in order to be legally binding. Under most state laws, any legally binding agreement needs to be notarized in order for it to hold up in court.

Who can be a lease guarantor?

A lease guarantor must be an adult and of legal age to sign a contract. In some cases, the landlord may require additional criteria such as having a certain level of financial assets or income. The tenant should ensure that their chosen guarantor meets all requirements before signing any documents.

What’s the easiest way to notarize a lease guarantor form?

In the likely event that your landlord wants a notarized lease guarantor form, you no longer need to add it to you to do list and waste time driving to meet a notary. You can easily get a lease guarantor form notarized signed online from where ever you are, 24/7!

Here’s our how to guide on how to notarize a lease guarantor form:

  1. Find and download a lease guarantor form if your landlord hasn’t already provided you with one. ! When uploading the form online onto BlueNotary you can upload a .png, pdf. jpeg, or .jpeg
  2. Fill out the form or bring a filled form to the session. Just hold off on signing the form! (you can fill out the form in BlueNotary if you need to.
  3. Go to BlueNotary and upload your lease guarantor form.
  4. Meet your notary and get notarized!

*If you need to fill out your form using BlueNotary, you can schedule your session a little ahead of time and go into the session early to fill out your form.

No long do you need to search to find a notary near me.

General Question About Lease Guarantor 

What happens if a lease guarantor fails to meet their obligations?

If a lease guarantor fails to fulfill their responsibilities, such as covering rent and other financial obligations on behalf of the tenant, the landlord can take legal action against them. This may involve pursuing unpaid rent and fees through legal proceedings, potentially impacting the guarantor’s credit and finances.

Can a lease guarantor withdraw their guarantee before the lease ends?

Typically, withdrawing a guarantor’s guarantee before the lease ends is challenging. Once the agreement is signed and notarized, it’s legally binding for the specified lease term. Releasing the guarantor usually requires the landlord’s consent and may involve finding a suitable replacement or renegotiating terms.

Are there alternatives to a lease guarantor form to secure a lease?

Tenants without a guarantor might explore alternatives like a larger security deposit, renters insurance with a surety bond, or lease guarantee services for a fee. Each option has its requirements and implications, so tenants should discuss them with their landlord to determine the best fit.”

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