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Illinois State New Rules for RON Notary 2024

Illinois RON Notary 2024

Remote notarization became extremely popular when the coronavirus pandemic broke out across the country including Illinois in 2020. However, things have gone back to normal as the situation is under control. Fortunately, RON (Remote Online Notarization) is one of those things that proved to be a game-changer. It helped provide both notaries and the general public with needed service and convenience. 

Notarize Documents

As the state of Illinois has passed Senate Bill 2664, remote notarization is expected to become the norm. It will come into effect once the Secretary of State issues a notice for its implementation – which is expected to come sometime in July 2022. 

The Notary Public Act has been amended to authorize electronic and remote notarizations for a variety of transactions with the condition that audio-video communication is maintained. Notaries will be able to begin performing notarizations out of Illinois in Jan 2024. Here’s everything you need to know.

Commission Qualifications

The new law has made minor changes to the qualifications of a Notary commission. In order to qualify, you must not have any prior commission suspension or revocation due and be proficient in English. Anyone who has a decision or finding due with the Secretary of State would be unable to apply. Other commission qualifications are mentioned below.

  • Finish the state-required training and clear the exam.
  • Hold an existing commission to act as a Notary Public.
  • Have a contract with a RON provider such as Blue Notary.
  • Seek registration with the Secretary of State and enclose the device that you would use for performing RONs.

Requirements for Becoming a Remote Notary in Illinois

If you are interested in performing remote notarizations, you need to meet the requirements of holding a traditional Notary Public commission in Illinois. 

A Notary has to be either a US citizen or lawful permanent resident as well as a resident of Illinois or reside in the qualifying border state. In addition to this, you have to be proficient in English and provide your date of birth. An applicant should also not have any previous Notary commission suspended or revoked in the last 10 years nor be a felon.  

Is Training or An Exam Required To Work As An Online Notary In Illinois?

Notaries in the state of Illinois have to study a course on electronic notarization and clear its exam.

Remote Online Notarization

What is an Illinois RON Notary?
RON stands for Remote Online Notarization so the phrase is a bit redundant, but it is essentially somebody authorized to perform RON from the state of Illinois.

Which Tools Are Needed For Performing Online Notarizations?

As a remote online Notary, you need to have a laptop or computer, a secure internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam. You will also require a contract with a RON technology provider that fulfills the requirements of Illinois such as Blue Notary.  

Is There A Need For A Second Surety Bond?

To be permitted to perform the notarization of digital documents, you have to get a $25,000 bond. You would also have to get the $5,000 bond for performing traditional notarial acts. Therefore, expect to spend around $30,000 on the notarization costs. 

Do You Need An Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance Policy?

Although there is no need for online notaries to get an E&O insurance policy, it is highly recommended for you to get it. It is a type of policy that would protect you in case you make an unintentional mistake during notarization. The fact is that being insured would help you save up on hefty legal fees.

How Does Online Notarization Work In Illinois?

As an online Notary in Illinois, you can notarize signers in any location. However, you will need to be physically present in the state when performing the notarization in order for it to be valid in Illinois. The signer would have to rely on a RON platform such as Blue Notary and provide their ID and clear a knowledge-based authentication assessment to prove their identity. 

Notaries also have to ask each signer if they understand what has been written in the document and agree to the signing. Then, the documents would be checked by the Notary for blanks and the Notary would complete the notarial process by affixing an electronic stamp and providing a digital certificate that contains their electronic signature. The notarization would be complete once the Notary saves an audio-video recording and records the journal entry.

Which Online Notarial Acts Are Permitted In Illinois?

The following online notarizations can be performed in Illinois. 

  • Execution of jurat
  • Taking an acknowledgment
  • Certifying copies of documents
  • Administering an affirmation or oath

How Long Does It Take To Perform Remote Notarization Vs Traditional Notarization?

The main reason why remote notarizations have become incredibly popular is that they take less time in comparison to traditional notarizations. In fact, the entire session takes just a few minutes. Online Notaries find it much more convenient to use a RON platform such as Blue Notary to attach their digital certificate and complete the notarizations.

How Much Can Remote Notaries Charge In Illinois For Their Services?

According to the Secretary of State, the maximum fee that an online Notary can charge for each remote online notarization is $25.

How Long Does It Take For Someone To Become A Remote Notary In Illinois?

If you want to become a RON in Illinois, you will need to set aside anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks. Most of the time would be spent on obtaining the traditional Notary Public commission if you do not have one. Otherwise, the process would take a lot less time.

Become a Remote Notary in Illinois

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