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5 Best eclosing Software for Title Companies

Technology has revolutionized our existence, vastly improving our daily lives and leaving us to wonder how we ever managed without it. As it continues to evolve in the eclosing software niche, its impact only grows in the way we conduct business. For example, advancements in title and escrow services have significantly streamlined real estate transactions, making them more efficient and secure.

By fully embracing these technological innovations, we can ensure we’re maximizing their potential to our advantage. You can generate your signature online here, it’s free.

One of the ways that you can use technology is for e-closing. If you are running a title company, you have to utilize an e-closing platform to improve efficiency and take your business to the next level. To help point you in the right direction, this post takes a close look at the top 5 e-closing platforms that you need to know about. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in.

#5 eClosing Software: Notarize

Notarize is a great online platform that title companies need to use for carrying out all their work. It facilitates remote online notarizations to speed up work. You can rely on the tool for quickly notarizing all your important documents. The best thing about Notarize is that it offers various pricing packages to help you better manage costs. You can rely on it for a customized package in eclosing software. The service provider will offer all the features that you are looking for and much more. 

With Notarize, you get to notarize all your closings and settlements. Title companies will find it to be a great option. Although the website can be used 24/7, it is worth mentioning that there are no guides or how-to articles to help you out. Moreover, the notarization process is not as straightforward as other options out there.

#4 eClosing Software: Doc Verify

When it comes to eclosing software, Doc Verify is another name that you should consider. It has quickly established a reputation for being reliable. With Doc Verify, you get to easily sign and store all your legally binding documents on the go. No matter where you might be in the world, you can use the platform. It is available at all times and is a great fit for healthcare companies, settlement companies, and real estate companies. If you are looking to eliminate the hassle and the use of paper, you cannot go wrong with Doc Verify. 

The best part about the platform is that it continues to add new features for its users. It has a dedicated proprietary system that enables users to get their documents until each page has been viewed by the notary. Moreover, it is a more affordable option. As it provides both in-person and remote electronic notarization, you have to give it a try. You can rely on it to increase flexibility and ensure proper record-keeping of all your documents on the cloud. But, you will have to spend money on setting up your business.

#3 eClosing Software: Sign Now

The next platform that title companies can use for eclosing software is Sign Now. It provides document management, payment systems, workflow automation, and much more. You can rely on it to remain organized. The best thing about it is that it provides some of the most affordable packages out there. You should be able to use it for all your notarizations and much more.

Known for its API key, the platform allows you to integrate signing technology directly into the app. Since it has an easy-to-use help section, you can learn more about the platform without having to worry about anything. But, it has per-user pricing which makes it quite an expensive option. There are definitely affordable platforms out there that you can opt for. 

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#2 eClosing Software: DocuSign

For larger title companies, DocuSign is the way to go. It has been around for quite some time in eclosing software niche. The platform has been leading the business world when it comes to paperless notarization. It is one of the few remote online notarization services that first introduced the technology. When you use the service, you will be able to benefit from a notary who will witness the electronic signing of all your documents. Even though a notary would have to be physically present, it is possible to sign and transmit the documents online.  

With a variety of pricing plans offered, you should be able to find an option for your title company. In fact, it caters to just about every budget. You can use it to move towards a paperless environment. You will come to appreciate the fact that it has an excellent record-keeping interface that will save your notarized documents. But, the service should not be considered entirely virtual since there is a need to find a notary. 

#1 eClosing Software: Blue Notary

Keeping the best for last, Blue Notary is the trusted affordable e-closing platform for title companies. It is a pioneer in the industry. Known for providing ease of use, quality of notaries, and advanced security, you cannot go wrong when you use it. The company has an excellent interface for all services including eclosing software. You would have no trouble performing all your notarization. BlueNotary makes joining sessions easy by being one of the first notarization platforms to feature biometric authentication. It also delivers quality notaries and advanced security. The platform also provides helpful guides to ensure that you are able to benefit from the service. 

Even if you have not used certain legal forms and need information on how to fill them out, Blue Notary has got you covered. It will show you everything, line by line. Since Blue Notary pays a better amount to its notaries, it has managed to provide some of the most experienced notaries. Therefore, you can expect to have a perfect experience when you give it a go.

Especially with their impressive instant customer support. With an easy sign-up process for your clients, you would be able to encourage them to opt for remote online notarization. Besides, it has an attractive website that is incredibly easy to navigate. In addition to this, it offers secure end-to-end data encryption along with a wide range of resources. 


Once you have finished reading our post, you will know about the 5 best e-closing platforms for title companies. Although each of the platforms has something to offer, Blue Notary provides unrivaled service quality, support, and competitive pricing to make it an easy decision for your eClosing needs.

FAQ On eclosing Software for Title Companies

How do these eClosing platforms integrate with other real estate software systems?

Title companies rely on eClosing platforms‘ integration capabilities with other real estate IT systems to optimize workflows and ensure flawless data transfer between multiple apps. Providing API access or pre-integrated real estate transaction management software, CRM, and document storage solutions, the majority of top eClosing platforms are made with interoperability in mind. This enables title companies to incorporate eClosing operations into their existing technology ecosystems, improving productivity and reducing human data entry errors. Nonetheless, platforms might differ greatly in terms of how simple and easy it is to integrate, so businesses should speak with software vendors about their specific integration needs.

What specific levels of customer support do these eClosing platforms offer, and how responsive are they?

eClosing platforms often provide a range of support services to help users with technical issues, platform usage, and debugging, with regards to the quality and availability of customer assistance. This assistance may include live chat, email, phone, and extensive web resources such as FAQs, user guides, and video tutorials. The responsiveness and availability of these support services might vary, with some systems providing 24/7 support and others only during business hours. Blue Notary, as mentioned in the article, certainly shines in this area, but title firms should compare each platform’s support options to ensure they match their demands, especially given the time-sensitive nature of real estate transactions.

What specific security measures and compliance certifications do these platforms hold?

Given the sensitive information they manage, such as personal data and financial transactions, eClosing platforms prioritize security and compliance. Leading platforms prioritize security, implementing strong safeguards such as end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and frequent security assessments. It’s also crucial to take industry norms and laws like the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), and particular real estate transaction laws into account. The security features of Blue Notary are highlighted, but potential users should make sure each platform complies with the strictest regulations regarding data protection and legal compliance by finding out about its specific security protocols, certifications (like ISO 27001, SOC 2), and compliance credentials.

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