IRS Fax Numbers: Where to Send your Tax Forms IRS Fax Numbers: Where to Send your Tax Forms

IRS Fax Numbers: Where do I Send My Tax Forms

A list of IRS fax numbers

If you were born after the year 2000 and are wondering about for details about what a fax number actually is, you can check out this article here.  We have compiled a list of IRS fax numbers for the most common tax forms and departments in order to help you simplify your tax filing process.

IRS Fax Numbers: The Ultimate Treasure Map for Tax Filers!

IRS Form 8918 – The “Confess-Your-Tax-Secrets” Form:

Got involved in some cheeky transactions the IRS might raise an eyebrow at? If they’ve sent you a ‘We’re Watching You’ notice, fax your confession to 1-844-253-5607.

IRS Form 8806 – The “New Boss in Town” Paper:

Merged or acquired a business and feeling like a corporate superhero? Remember, with great power comes great paperwork! Fax Form 8806 to 1-844-249-6232 within 45 days of your cape-wearing takeover.

IRS Form 8023 – The “Tax-Free Party Swap” Form:

Corporations playing musical chairs with assets or stock in a tax-free dance? Only if you fit the IRS’s VIP list. If so, shimmy your Form 8023 over to fax number 844-253-9765.

IRS Form 8886 – The “No Tax Tricks” Declaration:

Used Form 8886 to promise you’re not playing hide-and-seek with taxes? The IRS is like the ultimate game warden here. Fax it over to 844-253-2553.

IRS Form 2553 – The “Small Biz Big Dreams” Form:

Small businesses dreaming of being an “S” corporation? The IRS has a dual fax line for you:

  • 855-887-7734 for the East Coast crew
  • 855-214-7520 for the West Coast gang

For a full match-up of states to fax numbers, do a quick jig over to the IRS website.

IRS Form 637 – The “Excise Tax Club” ID:

Dabbling in fuel, alcohol, or luxury item taxes? Get your excise tax ID by faxing Form 637 to 855-887-7735.

IRS Form 8962 – The “Health Credit Balancing Act” Form:

Juggling health insurance with premium tax credits? Keep your financial acrobatics in check and fax Form 8962 to 1-855-204-5020.

IRS Form SS-4 – The “EIN Quest” Document:

Hunting for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)? Whether you’re a state dweller or a global nomad, the IRS has a fax number for you:

  • 855-641-6935 for U.S. residents
  • 855-215-1627 for stateless souls within the U.S.
  • 304-707-9471 for international adventurers.

And remember, for those seeking alternatives to the mystical fax machine, there’s a digital world out there full of wonders!

IRS Fax Numbers: A List of Where to Send your Tax Forms
IRS Fax Numbers: A List of Where to Send your Tax Forms


1. What is the purpose of IRS fax numbers?
IRS fax numbers provide taxpayers and businesses a way to submit specific tax forms and documents directly to the IRS, ensuring secure and direct communication for various tax-related processes.

2. Can I fax forms to the IRS instead of mailing them?
Yes, faxing is an accepted method for submitting certain IRS forms. It can be faster than mailing and provides a confirmation receipt for your records.

3. How do I know which IRS fax number to use?
The IRS assigns specific fax numbers to different forms and departments. Refer to the IRS website or the list provided in the article for the correct fax number for your form.

4. Are there alternatives to faxing documents to the IRS?
Yes, besides faxing, taxpayers can also submit documents electronically through the IRS website or use traditional mail. The choice depends on your preference and the specific requirements of the form you are submitting.

5. Is faxing to the IRS secure?
Faxing is considered a secure method of transmitting documents, as it directly sends your information to the IRS without intermediaries. However, always ensure you are using the correct IRS fax number to protect your personal information.

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