Notary and Loan Signing Agent Growth Tips: Part 2 Notary and Loan Signing Agent Growth Tips: Part 2

Oil Up Your Killer Customer Acquistion Machine

Part 2 of Growth Secrets: Work smarter. Use Phantombuster to Blow Up Your Outreach

Check out Part 1: Mastering Your Millionaire Mindset

If you’re visually or audibly inclined, you can start by watching this video😉:


Ok listen. We’re giving away our real secrets to growth here. It’s a game-changer this one. PhantomBuster. It is going to supercharge your productivity. Automating outreach/marketing tasks that are time-consuming and re-focusing that time on delivering quality service/product. This technique absolutely works!

Here’s how it works.

Get Your Ass To Mars
Now this is the plan.

By Mars I mean Linkedin. And by your ass I mean your outreach messaging machine. First things first though:

  1. Set up your profile to impress your target audience (more coming soon on this point in Part 3).
  2. Start posting. Anything. Everyday. Bonus points if the content is interesting.

Search & Destroy
Now that your profile is set to pop, just copy and paste the URL of a search query (i.e. into PhantomBuster for Linkedin Search to Lead Connection.

Write a compelling message, preferably interesting. I wouldn’t recommend straight selling. Ease into it with an genuine interest to add value for the prospect.

Short and Sweet: no more than 30 words. Seriously, try it I dare you.

Then hit save and let it start automatically sending every day while you’re busy building value for existing clients.

Short Range Calling

Localize your first outreach so that you can focus your best energy for delivering personalized service to folks who may know you in the community.

Make a ‘Hit List’

…From companies listed on Google Maps. Send them an email, fb msg, ig msg, etc. Fill their DMs and inbox from all angles. This is weapons-grade plutonium for outreach.

Get Prospects From FB Groups

Scrape FB groups and send them DMs – on auto-pilot. This one is pure gold as well. Consistently successful returns if your targets are active on FB (we’re giving away ALL our secrets!).

Now that you know this secret, you’ll be growth hacking your way to warm leads in no time flat.

Go forth and win!
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